Eurovision Song Contest: Rule violations: Belarus excluded from ESC


The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in 2021 without any contribution from Belarus. The participants from Belarus were disqualified for violating the rules.

Whirlwind about the music group Galasy ZMesta: The band from Belarus was excluded from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This has now been announced by the European Broadcasting Union, or EBU for short. According to this, Belarus registered two songs within the given time, but both violate the rules of the competition.

In mid-March it was announced that the EBU had disqualified the band’s original contribution, the song “Ya nauchu tebya” (“I’ll teach you”). The song, which is about ruler Alexander Lukashenko (66) and the mass protests in the country, caused quite a stir when it was released. Numerous people demanded that the song should not be allowed because it made fun of the protests against the head of state and mocked the political situation in the country.

The second song also broke the rules

The EBU then gave the band the chance to nominate a new version of the song or a new song for the show on May 22nd. The request from the EBU said that the request was met, but the newly submitted entry also violated the rules of the contest. These rules are intended to ensure that competition is “not instrumentalized or discredited” for political purposes. As a result, Belarus will not take part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

This year the ESC will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2020, the event at which Ben Dolic (23, “Violent Thing”) should have competed for Germany, was canceled due to the corona pandemic. The final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 22nd. Jendrik Sigwart (26) competes for Germany with “I Don’t Feel Hate”.

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Eurovision Song Contest Rule violations Belarus excluded ESC


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