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Meetings outside are becoming too dangerous. More and more doctors in Austria are saying that. It is warned against underestimating the possibility of infection.

Above all, the British coronavirus mutation leads not only to easier transmission, but also to more severe disease courses, warns Richard Greil, head of the University Clinic for Internal Medicine in Salzburg, in the Ö1 “Morgenjournal”. The number of viruses that can be transmitted is greater, which leads to easier transmission, but the number of viruses themselves that penetrate the body is also higher. This leads to a cycle of easier transmission and contagion.

Meetings should be avoided

“And if you at the same time show a decreasing willingness for people to adhere to the contact reduction and the related rules, then it goes without saying that we will also see a lot more infections with a high viral load,” said Greil. Hence his advice: Meetings in the open air should also be avoided despite the fine weather, but in any case a very high level of discipline is required at such meetings in the open air.

Intensive care units are filling up rapidly

On Palm Sunday, March 28, the health authorities reported 2,676 new corona infections and 25 fatalities in the last 24 hours. There are currently 2,151 people in hospital treatment due to the corona virus. Of these, 519 are cared for in intensive care units. Over 100 people were transferred to the intensive care unit within a week, 15 of them within the last 24 hours, shows the latest corona statistics.

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