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“Ever Given” is still stuck in the Suez Canal


The Dutch salvage company Smit Savage will possibly be able to get the container ship “Ever Given” stuck in the Suez Canal afloat again at the beginning of the week. It could take a little longer if containers have to be removed in order to reduce the weight of the gigantic ship, said the boss of the parent company of Smit Savage, Peter Berdowski, on Dutch television on Friday evening. The Japanese ship owner had already spoken of a recovery on Saturday evening.

The 400-meter-long and over 220,000-ton container ship went off course in a sandstorm on Tuesday and ran aground near the banks of the Suez Canal. Since then it has blocked the waterway between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and all ships in it cannot continue. Efforts by the Egyptian canal operator SCA have been in full swing since Wednesday to get the “Ever Given” free again. It is feared that the rescue work could drag on for weeks.

Published: 03/27/2021, 3:05 p.m.

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