Every third travel destination worldwide is closed to tourists


Compared to May 2020, when as many as three quarters (75 percent) of all travel destinations worldwide had closed the borders for international tourists, this is a decrease. However, the UNWTO recorded an increase compared to November: At that time, only 27 percent of the travel destinations were closed to international tourists.

The UNWTO cited the emergence of new virus variants and the “continuing seriousness” of the epidemiological situation as the reason for the increase. At the same time, the organization stated that there is currently a trend towards an increasingly differentiated approach to travel restrictions, such as a negative corona test on arrival as a prerequisite.

UNWTO chief Zurab Polilikashvili emphasized that travel restrictions could only be part of the solution to the pandemic, with a view to a restart of tourism hoped for by the organization. The corona crisis caused the global tourism industry to lose revenue by 1.3 trillion last year. Dollars (1.09 trillion euros) – eleven times as much as in the financial crisis.

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travel destination worldwide closed tourists


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