Ex- “Everything that counts” star Tanja Szewczenko: “27 hours of labor”: The birth of her first daughter was so dramatic


Preparations for the delivery of her twins are in full swing. But when she tells of the dramatic birth of her daughter Jona Valentina, Tanja Szewczenko tears.

It is nearly time! Tanja Szewczenko (43) is expecting twins with her husband Norman Jeschke (42). Tanja uses her Instagram channel to keep her fans up to date and, to the delight of them, occasionally chats out of the sewing box. The former figure skater’s Instagram community is particularly interested in her pregnancy. When asked how the 43-year-old would like to give birth, memories of the birth of her daughter Jona Valentina (10) are awakened and Tanja Szewczenko talks about her body. Visibly moved, she tells of the dramatic event. At first she thought the baby was lying perfectly and that she could give birth in a water birth.

Her husband’s gut feeling, Norman Jeschke, saved her daughter’s life

As the due date was getting closer and closer, Tanja suffered a tear in the amniotic sac 10 days before the expected due date and only emergency treatment in the hospital with antibiotics could help. “Then it started and I ended up having 27 hours of labor,” she says. “And then all of a sudden it was Norman who said he had such a gut feeling, maybe you should just do a caesarean section now.” Since doctors only recommend a caesarean section if there is a medical need, and since none had been available at the time, the two decided to have the operation at their own discretion. “When I pulled out I heard the chief doctor say: Ah yes, now we know why.”

Tanja Szewczenko “just” wants two healthy children

A doctor then told her that her daughter was probably completely wrapped in the umbilical cord and would have strangled herself during a normal delivery. When Tanja Szewczenko tells this, a few tears roll down her face. In the end, she doesn’t care how she gives birth to the twins, the main thing is that she can hold her two healthy children in her arms.

The meanwhile 10-year-old Jona Valentina soon faces the great challenge “Let’s Dance Kids”. You can see which celebrities are currently participating in the adult version in the video below.

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