Ex-GNTM star Sara Kulka: She was in the hospital – and is pissed off


Difficult times for Sara Kulka. The ex-GNTM star was in the hospital. Now the 30-year-old is back with an angry statement with her fans.

Sara Kulka (30) gives regular insights into her private life on Instagram and, as an influencer, provides her fans with numerous postings. But a few days ago there was suddenly completely unannounced radio silence. On Friday (March 26th) the ex-GNTM star finally reports back with a shock message in her Instagram story: She was in the hospital! But in addition to her state of health, the single mother of two reveals in an honest statement what great burden she currently has to bear.

The heavily pregnant model colleague Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is currently getting enough to feel the burden one has to bear as a public person. You can find out what she’s had to endure lately in the video below.

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Sara Kulka: “I’m pretty angry about it”

“Dear ones, nothing has come from me so far because I was in the hospital,” writes the 30-year-old in her Instagram story and, of course, insists on sharing the reason for her stay directly: “I collapsed. ” But the model also gives the all-clear. She is “getting better from hour to hour.” She gets support from her family in these difficult times, as she reveals to her fans.

Still, there is one thing that is really annoying Sara right now. Because apparently the treating doctors and nurses leaked to the public for what reason Sara had to be admitted to the hospital. “I’m pretty angry about it,” she posts pissed off. “You have no right to talk about me and you are bound by confidentiality.” In her posting, Sara even threatens to take legal action if something gets to the press. Even if many might find this exaggerated according to their own statements.


Sara Kulka, here at an event a few months ago

Sarah Kulka
Your rapid corona test is positive
“I’ve got really bad news,” explains model Sara Kulka in an Instagram story. You did a corona rapid test, which was positive.

Sara defends her posting

As an influencer, Sara naturally knows that she is increasingly in the public eye. Nevertheless, she still wants to determine what is communicated and what is not. “And even if I’m really very open with you here, there are things that I would never share out of self-protection,” says the model.

The news about her hospital stay applies above all to her cooperation partners, as the 30-year-old explains. After all, Instagram is not only her passion, but also her job. “As a single parent who not only looks after her own family, but also two more, I just have to work a little and justify myself here,” explains Sara. Nevertheless, thanks also to her followers for the loyalty and support she receives through the social networks.

“Bauer sucht Frau” star Anna Heiser also recently made her own breakdown public. You can find out more about this in the video below.

Mental breakdown -

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ExGNTM star Sara Kulka hospital pissed


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