Ex- “Unter uns” star Nora Koppen: The baby is here


At the end of December, the actress announced her pregnancy, now her offspring has seen the light of day. Nora Koppen shared the good news with her fans on Instagram.

Photo series with 19 pictures

For three years she could be seen almost every day as Elli Schneider in the RTL soap “Unter uns”, but after her dramatic serial death in October 2018 things became quiet around Nora Koppen. At the end of last year, the actress came back with private news: “I have offspring!”, She announced to an Instagram picture on which she presented her already round baby bump.

“At last”

At that time, Nora was already six months old. Now their first child has seen the light of day. She announces the good news with a photo that shows only the newborn’s hand.

“Finally,” writes the 31-year-old. She also reveals that she gave birth to a boy – a week ago. “Our son was finally born on March 20, 2021 at 5.54 am. We are fine and we are currently recovering a little from the birth.”

Name not yet revealed

For a long time, the actress and her partner Jan could not decide on a name, which is why Nora even asked her followers for suggestions. Male and female, because the couple kept gender to themselves until the end. It is not known whether the little one now has a name. Because the new mom has not yet revealed to her followers.

It remains to be seen whether Nora Koppen will return to the TV screen after the baby break. After leaving “Unter uns”, she built up a second line of business in addition to acting and began studying psychology.

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Unter uns star Nora Koppen baby


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