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In the Wiener Neustadt-Land district, the seven-day incidence on Tuesday was 420.1 and thus over 400 for the seventh day in a row, in the Neunkirchen district the value was 484.1 and was thus above the critical mark for the sixth day in a row out of 400. Districts whose seven-day incidence is over 400 for a week are considered high-incidence areas, according to a Ministry of Health decree. An exit test is mandatory for these.

Preparations for the implementation of exit controls are already underway in both the Wiener Neustadt-Land district and the Neunkirchen district. The respective district authority is responsible for the specific regulation. Completion is planned for Wednesday afternoon, with the ordinances to come into force on Thursday, it said to noe.ORF.at.

If you want to leave the affected districts from Thursday, you need a negative coronavirus test. A rapid antigen test may be a maximum of 48 hours old, a PCR test a maximum of 72 hours.

Important details still open

On Wednesday, however, the representatives of the affected districts will negotiate further details. The question that remains unanswered is whether people who travel from one high-incidence area to another require a negative test. This applies, for example, to those people who travel to the city of Wiener Neustadt from the Wiener Neustadt-Land district, for example to work.

Up to now there have only been exit controls in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. The police have been carrying out random checks at the 26 city exits and at the train stations since mid-March – more on this in Wr. Neustadt: 385 were not allowed to leave the country (noe.ORF.at; March 20, 2021). The other affected districts are likely to orient themselves with the tightened measures on the statutory city, it said on Tuesday evening. With regard to the tests, the cooperation of smaller communities with Wiener Neustadt is also planned.

ORF-NÖ reporter Werner Fetz on the upcoming exit controls

From Thursday there will also be exit controls in the districts of Wiener Neustadt-Land and Neunkirchen.

Police are prepared

The mandatory exit test in the districts of Wiener Neustadt-Land and Neunkirchen is also only checked by the police on a random basis. The deployment plans for the controls are already ready, said a spokesman for the state police department of Lower Austria. The more districts there are, the greater the challenge. “Our personnel concepts are set up accordingly so that we can carry out these controls,” said the spokesman.

Wiener Neustadt continued to have a seven-day incidence of 460.5 on Tuesday despite a slight decrease. Since February 25th – for a month – the value has been above the critical mark of 400. The Scheibbs district also passed the 400 mark on Tuesday (408.1), while the Baden district was just below it at 366.6.

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