External law firm is supposed to clear up allegations of bullying against Meghan


The firm is expected to assist Buckingham Palace’s human resources department in investigating the allegations. Duchess Meghan is accused of having bullied former employees – a “calculated dirt campaign” for Meghan’s lawyers.

Buckingham Palace has reportedly hired an outside law firm to investigate allegations of bullying against Duchess Meghan. The PA news agency and the broadcaster CNN reported that the firm would assist the Buckingham Palace HR department in investigating the allegations.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “We are advancing our commitment to investigate the circumstances surrounding the allegations made by former employees of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but we will not make any public comment.”

Complaint against Meghan

The London newspaper “Times” had reported a week ago shortly before the interview of Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (36) by US talk show host Oprah Winfrey that in 2018, not long after the couple’s wedding, a complaint against Meghan for bullying made the rounds within the palace. Accordingly, among other things, two personal assistants of the former US actress are said to have thrown because of the high pressure that Meghan had built up. There was talk of humiliation and tears. Meghan’s lawyers described the allegations in a letter to the “Times” as a “calculated smear campaign”. The Buckingham Palace had said in a response that the personnel department would investigate the allegations.

In the interview, Meghan and Harry had made serious allegations against the royal family and the British media. The accusation of racism weighs most heavily. The palace said the family wanted to work through the allegations privately.

(WHAT / dpa)

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External law firm supposed clear allegations bullying Meghan


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