“Faking Hitler”: 1,000 extras and actors wanted for series


Updated March 3, 2021, 9:22 am

  • One of the biggest media scandals in the Federal Republic of Germany is being filmed again: the streaming service TVnow is producing a series about forging Adolf Hitler’s diaries.
  • For the series with Moritz Bleibtreu and Lars Eidinger, among others, 1,000 extras are now being sought.
  • These should look appropriate to the time, i.e. neither splashed lips, poorly made extensions nor fashionably coiffed beards.

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With Moritz Bleibtreu (49) into the 80s: 1,000 extras and small actors are wanted for the new series on the media scandal surrounding the forged Hitler diaries. The shooting agency of the German press agency announced that the shooting was planned from the beginning of April in Düsseldorf, among other places. We are looking for women “and especially many men” between the ages of 18 and 70 who are willing to travel back in time from 1981 to 1983. The star ensemble that plays in the production includes Moritz Bleibtreu (49) and Lars Eidinger (45).

The forger of the Hitler diaries, Konrad Kujau, left, shows one of the forged copies on August 29, 1984 during the trial in Hamburg.
© picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The series is about one of the most famous media scandals in Germany. In April 1983 the magazine “Stern” published supposed diaries of Adolf Hitler, which only a few days later turned out to be a forgery.

Almost 30 years ago Helmut Dietl started with “Schtonk!” a satirical approach to the topic. In February 2021, RTL and the streaming service TVnow, which belongs to the broadcasting group, announced that they would now produce a six-part series entitled “Faking Hitler”. It is based on the “Stern” own podcast series of the same name.

“Faking Hitler”: we are looking for applicants without sprayed lips or fashionably coiffed beards

There are special requirements for possible extras and small actors because of the time context in which “Faking Hitler” takes place.

You need a lot of editorial staff, drivers with original cars from the time, news anchors, curious onlookers, judicial and police officers as well as an “Austrian landlord who should speak Austrian dialect”, as a spokesman for the casting agency said.

For example, applicants should not have splashed lips, no tattooed eyebrows, “no poorly made extensions” and no fashionably coiffed beards.

The casting is online. Applicants should upload data and photos on a corresponding page (www.faking-h.de). The application deadline is mid-May. (dpa / dh)

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