“Falken” on the rise: Kapfenberg inflicts fourth bankruptcy on Steyr – 2nd league


On the 17th matchday, KSV 1919 met SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr in the HPYBET 2nd league. And the “hawks” managed to get three points, fully deserved. For a long time the KSV’ler invested more in the game, which in the end should be enough for a home success. The reward for this is a place in the middle of the table, far from the relegation zone. The people of Steyr don’t really have much to laugh about at the moment. So far, all four games have been played in the 2021 calendar year, with 1: 7 goals, in the sand. It is easy to imagine that uncomfortable times are approaching with the relegation candidate.


(The 26-year-old Croatian Mario Cetina was again one of the outstanding Kapfenberg players against Steyr)

Michael Lang scores for Kapfenberg

With a compact performance, the Kapfenbergers recently managed to get the relegation zone in the rearview mirror allow. Even though the “hawks” camp is aware that nothing has been achieved with this. At Steyr, on the other hand, there is a “fire on the roof” after three spring bankruptcies. What can also be seen from the fact that forward can currently be found in the third penultimate place. Right from the start, it is the Ibraković men who have the scepter in hand. The guests mostly see themselves busy with defensive tasks. There is very little going on with the Upper Austrians. 10th minute: KSV attacker Winfried Amoah has the first chance to score in the game. But he shoots the play equipment over the goal from the best position. 14.Minute: Elvedin Herić slams a free kick against the Steyrer crossbar. The Milot protégés, who appear dangerously in the penalty area for the first time in the 23rd minute, remain behind. Josip Martinović puts a header after Brandstätter’s template next to the case. However, as the length of the game increases, the KSV members have little access to the game. So it comes more and more to an encounter at eye level, which lacks the scoring opportunities. But in the 43rd minute the leather is still wriggling in the net. KSV captain Michael Lang surprised, after Amoah-Assist, the goalkeeper Staudinger, who was positioned too far in front of the goal, with a deflected shot – half-time score: 1-0.

The Steyr rearing up comes too late

This goal shortly before the break whistle doesn’t really make things any easier for Vorwärts. Now a playful improvement is needed, otherwise the fourth defeat in a row will flourish. The Kapfenberger, for their part, continue to strive not to let the game be ripped out of their hands. 48th Minute: This time Herić is in the center of the action when his free kick hits the crossbars. 50th minute: A Mikić lifter just barely missed the Steyr goal. Steyr can only develop better after an hour has been played. The drawback is and remains the creation of scoring opportunities. After the four player changes, the guests are a bit more ambitious. But the Upper Styrians cannot be shaken in their foundations, or rather they understand how to close the bulkheads. 73rd Minute: Paul Mensah, who has just come on as a 2-0 substitute, is something that goalkeeper Staudinger knows how to prevent. Steyr tries hard to book something profitable after all. But right now you just don’t have the means to turn a game around. So it happens that after Marcel Monsberger puts the equalizer in the sand (89th), Paul Mensah in the 95th minute, after Lang pass, ensures the 2-0 final score. In the next round, the Kapfenbergers will be guest at BW Linz on Friday, March 12th at 6:30 p.m. Steyr then has the home right against the GAK 1902 at 8:25 p.m.


Franz Fekete Stadium, no spectators, SR: Josef Spurny (Vienna)

KSV 1919: Stolz, Kvakic, Cetina, Steinlechner, Mandler, Grgic (70th Sylla), Eloshvili (93rd Gschiel), Heric, Lang, Mikic (80th Hernaus), Amoah (70th Mensah)

Forward Steyr: Staudinger, Pašić, Fahrngruber (46th Fischer), Prada, Seiwald, Halbartschlager, González Paz (62nd Drga), Bilic (62nd Himmelfreundpointner), Martinović (46th Mustecic), Brandstätter (76th Hofstätter), Monsberger

Goal sequence: 1: 0 (43. Lang), 2: 0 (95. Mensah)

Yellow cards: Eloshvili, Hernaus or Prada, Mustecic, Fischer, Monsberger, Bogenreiter (TM-TR.)

strongest players: Cetina, Herić, Lang bzw. Prada, Halbartschlager

Voices for the game:

David Sencar, Co-Trainer Kapfenberg:

“We were prepared for the game to be intense. In the end it was a work victory which, in sum, nothing to shake. The path we have chosen is the right one. The further we are from the relegation zone the better or we can take the pressure off the young players. “

Andreas Milot, Trainer Steyr:

“It’s bitter for the team, we threw everything in for over 95 minutes. Unfortunately, we fell behind due to a deflected shot, which fits our situation. It was easier for Kapfenberg to play with the lead. We still have to play in the last third Become more convincing, show more willpower, then it will work again. “

To the 2nd league live ticker

Photocredit: Richard Purgstaller

by: Ligaportal/Roo

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Falken rise Kapfenberg inflicts fourth bankruptcy Steyr #2nd league


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