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While the British Royal Palace is trying to limit the damage after the devastating Oprah interview by Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, Duchess Camilla and her family are facing a severe blow of fate.

Tom Parker Bowles: girlfriend dies at only 42 years old

As the Daily Mail reports that the girlfriend of Camilla’s son died at the age of only 42. Tom Parker Bowles, 46, the birth son of Camilla and the stepson of Prince Charles, is said to be devastated. After separating from his wife Sara Parker Bowles, he found a new love in the journalist Alice Procope. The two were together for almost two years. Now Procope has died after a long illness.

Cancer was found in the girlfriend of Camilla’s son last August, and the diagnosis was unfortunately too much due to the ongoing corona pandemic, as the newspaper reports. “That’s what’s so bad, and countless others will feel like you,” said a friend of Tom Parker Bowles.

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