“Farmer is looking for a wife” -Iris Abel amazes with a new look


She is at peace with herself: “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Iris Abel shows herself with a new and very natural hair color. But their fans are intensively discussing how they should find the result.

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“Bauer sucht Frau” star Iris Abel has changed: Uwe Abel’s wife proudly presents her new short hairstyle in light white blonde on Instagram. “Every now and then you have to change the hair color,” writes the 52-year-old to the post. She also told RTL that the new white blonde is now practically her natural hair color.

“Actually, I’ve been white since I was in my mid-40s.” She would have had her first white hair in her mid-twenties. Annoyed by the constant re-dyeing of the approach, she has now decided on the new look. According to Iris Abel, farmer Uwe responded with the words: “That can happen.” He still has to get used to it and she “honestly, too”.

Fans disagree

For some of their fans, the change is too extreme, as they express in the comments. “I liked the ‘old’ Iris better, but you have to be comfortable with it” or “Wow, pretty. But I found the dark thing about you better,” it says. Others take the “farmer seeks wife” candidate under protection. One user says: “This blonde and your make-up look really good on you. Even if some say that would be too much. This is total nonsense!”

Abel also has other news to announce: She has had a new job since the beginning of the year, as she told the Cologne TV broadcaster: “I have been working at a university in northern Germany since January 1, where I have a full-time position in medical Faculty. I take on administrative tasks such as room planning and manage teaching assignments. ”

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Farmer wife Iris Abel amazes


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