Farmer, networker and visionary wins 2Minutes-2 million: Farmer convinces with algae products from Lower Austria


Sitzenberg-Reidling | St. Pölten, Tulln The Lower Austrian startup “Spirulix” faced the jury in the PULS 4 show “2 minutes 2 million” broadcast on March 23rd. The founders Martina and Karl Pfiel convinced not only investor Dr. Haselsteiner also won sales partnerships with Media Shop and REWE. The microalgae, rich in vitamins and nutrients, are now available to the general public as muesli snacks and nougat bars at Bipa, Billa and Merkur.

Passionate farmer

It all started with the traditional farm in the Tulln district. Karl Pfiel’s father was already a visionary and thus a role model for his future successor. In addition to many restructuring measures that made the farm environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral, solutions were sought to answer some questions about successful and sustainable foodstuffs. So the idea arose to find a way to produce spirulina algae in Austria. “I’m a passionate farmer,” says Karl Pfiel proudly in the intro to the presentation on the television show. Together with his wife Martina and Elad Zohar, he not only demonstrates his conviction for his profession, but also entrepreneurial spirit and sales skills.

Exchange, networks and partnerships as building blocks for success

A look behind the scenes reveals the Pfiel couple as networkers. Numerous cooperations and networks mark the success of the Lower Austrian algae farm. Participation in an innovation network is just as important as the creation of its own research facility, which first created the necessary know-how for the cultivation of algae. The farming family also secured external knowledge about food-grade algae with Elad Zohar as co-founder of the SPIRULIX farm. For several years now, as a member of the international entrepreneurial network BNI, you have been exchanging ideas with experts from a wide variety of fields and constantly striving to make new contacts. Participation in the Puls 4 startup show seems to be just the next logical step.

Further products in planning

The Spirulix team sees the existing range of granules, crackers, muesli, nougat and chocolate as just the beginning and is already creating new recipes and product ideas. “We want to offer a really healthy and nutrient-rich alternative with simple and convenient snacks and foods that can be consumed during the day,” says algae farmer Martina Pfiel: “We do not have enough to produce a healthy dietary supplement. Spirulix products should meet people’s needs and habits and must taste good! “

The only and first spirulina farm in Austria convinced the 2Min-2Mio jury in all questions about nutrient content, environmental compatibility, concept and taste



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