FC Bayern Munich: “One-two-way” guest waddles Salihamidzic for a statement


Hasan Salihamidzic and Hansi Flick do not have the most harmonious relationship. Will the national coach question now lead to a power struggle at Bayern?

Hansi Flick is the favorite to succeed Joachim Löw as national coach. But does he even want that? Or does he prefer to stay with FC Bayern? On Saturday, Flick replied to a question from Skywhether he would be available as national coach in the summer, evasively: “I have a contract with FC Bayern until 2023 and said everything about it.”

Flick also avoided a clear “no” on the match day Pk the day before. The 56-year-old seems to want to keep the option open. And those responsible at FC Bayern are likely to see these statements as a lack of commitment to the club. Nevertheless, Flick has expressed his interest in the office of national coach and the Bayern bosses now have to prepare for a possible departure. One thing is clear: The record champions have the longer handle, because Flick has a working paper that is valid until 2023 without an exit clause.

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic in the “one-two” heavily criticized for testimony

That means: If Flick wants to leave FCB, he would have to take the first step. According to information from Sport1 he has not yet done this. And so far there has also been no request from the DFB. But what if Flick actually decides to become a national coach? He could only leave if FC Bayern finds a successor for Flick, reports Sport1. A possible candidate should be RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann. According to image FC Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is said to have already contacted him.

The topic of Flick / national coach was also at Sport1 one-two lively discussed. One of the guests was Harald Stenger, former press spokesman for the DFB. This went tough with Salihamidzic. He accused the sports director of possibly wanting to get rid of Flick. “What makes me so puzzled about Bayern is that it was the first thing before Flick spoke up that Salihamidzic thinks Nagelsmann is a good coach. And I think that’s a very clear sign that Salihamidzic would be happy if Flick was goneSaid Stenger.

Stenger about Salihamidzic: “I’m amazed at the free hand he’s been given”

But “Brazzo” was not only criticized because of his comment on Flick. “As far as the whole of Bavaria is concerned, I am amazed when you see his purchasing policy, what he has put in the sand and what he has got there, what free hand he is given,” Stenger denied his competence. It is well known that there is not the best relationship between Salihamidzic and Flick.

But is it really that bad that you want to get rid of a successful coach? The coming weeks and months will have an answer to that. Possibly in April. Then national team manager Oliver Bierhoff wants according to one image-Report with Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about Flick, who is the favorite for the national coaching post for Sky expert Dietmar Hamann. (mt)

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Bayern Munich Onetwoway guest waddles Salihamidzic statement


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