Federal and state governments in the Corona fight: Warning of the rift


Status: 03/30/2021 4:50 a.m.

Union faction leader Brinkhaus has in the daily topics warned of a rift between the federal and state governments in the fight against the corona crisis. Criticism of Chancellor Merkel’s statements continues to come from the federal states.

After the criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on the actions of some federal states in the fight against corona, Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has urgently called for cohesion between the federal government and the states. Merkel rightly said that the measures were not enough to break the exponential growth and also that the federal government could be given more powers. He would wish that too, Brinkhaus said to the that evening daily topics.

But it is also correct: “That can only be done together with the federal states”. “We have to stick together now in the crisis and not work against each other,” warned the CDU politician. More must be done to contain the pandemic, stressed the group leader. “That doesn’t work in a dispute between the federal government and the states, because everyone is of good will. Rather, it can only work together. Everyone has to put their ego back on their feet. It’s not about election campaigns. It’s not about party interests. It’s not about either personal interests. It’s about our country. ”

Ralph Brinkhaus, leader of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, on Merkel’s demands

Daily topics 10:15 p.m., March 29, 2021

Brinkhaus also appealed to people to do something themselves to reduce the number of infections. He urged people to stay at home at Easter and to avoid private contacts as much as possible. Merkel had on the ARD broadcast Anne Will On Sunday evening, the opening strategies of individual federal states were criticized and it was suggested that the federal government could acquire more powers in the fight against corona.

Müller: Berlin would not shut itself off from having more federal competences

According to Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD), Berlin would not shut itself off from the federal government. He did not understand Merkelw’s remarks as a threat, where Müller said in the evening in the ZDF “heute journal”. “If she is of the opinion that this is a good measure nationwide, then I say: please, go ahead.”

The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Conference reacted sniffly to Merkel’s criticism of the corona management of several federal states, including Berlin. “I am also a little annoyed that the Chancellery is now using appropriate wording to create the impression that some are dealing with the situation very seriously and prudently and others are not,” said Müller.

It is about “balancing out the possibilities and the very different situations” in the federal states. “It’s not like everyone does what they want,” emphasized the SPD politician. It is not wise to practice such “country bashing”. “We’re in the same boat,” said Müller. The federal and state governments have achieved a lot together.

Dreyer declares corona tests to be a “civic duty”

The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) has meanwhile called on people in Germany to be tested for the corona virus more often than before. “Testing is also a civic duty,” said Dreyer to the editorial network in Germany. “Those who test themselves help to identify infections in good time, even before symptoms appear and other people can be infected unnoticed.”

In addition to specific protective measures, testing is central in the fight against the pandemic. Dreyer rejected calls for another prime ministerial conference to combat corona. “We have to act decisively, we don’t need any further federal-state rounds for that,” said the SPD politician. Everyone had to stick to what had been decided. Rhineland-Palatinate consistently apply the emergency brake agreed at the previous federal-state round.

In addition to the restrictions on infection protection, your government is still working with municipalities and cultural institutions on model projects for careful opening steps, Dreyer said. Here, too, the following applies: “This is only possible with municipalities that are below a seven-day incidence of 50. We cannot go into the third wave with the signal of large-scale easing,” said the Prime Minister.

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Association of cities and municipalities supports Merkel’s tough Corona course

In the debate about the Corona policy, the Association of Towns and Municipalities supported the tough course of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). “The Chancellor rightly warns to limit contacts and take further measures,” said General Manager Gerd Landsberg to the newspapers of the editorial network in Germany.

“Unfortunately, the federal and state governments failed to specify the emergency brake, and we should work on this quickly.” Landsberg also spoke out in favor of providing “clear uniform guidelines” for possible exit restrictions. At the same time, however, he restricted that such restrictions must “be well founded, can only be considered regionally and are to be limited in time”.

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