Federal Environment Agency calls for meat consumption to be halved in Germany


Essen / Berlin. The President of the Environment Association, Dirk Messner, called for meat consumption in Germany to be halved in order to reduce environmentally harmful factory farming. “We have to reduce factory farming so that excessive nitrogen inputs decrease and soils, water, biodiversity and human health are less polluted,” Messner told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Less meat would be very good for health and the environment.

Already now a little less meat is eaten in Germany, said Messner. “But if we want to change something effectively and adhere to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), then halving meat consumption in Germany would be the goal,” said the President of the Environment Association. “That would reduce factory farming and would have many positive environmental effects.”

Those who eat less meat, but better quality, can “balance it out in their wallet,” Messner told the newspapers. Farmers would then also be paid better. Climate protection and questions of justice must be brought together. “But if we do nothing, do not change our eating habits and consumer behavior, there will be dramatic and very expensive climate consequences, from which lower-income households often suffer much more,” warned Messner.

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Federal Environment Agency calls meat consumption halved Germany


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