Fidesz – Edtstadler criticizes “exclusion policy”


European Minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) has criticized the development that led to the break between the nationally conservative Hungarian Fidesz party and the Christian Democratic EPP group. Especially against the background of the pandemic, it is “not expedient to pursue an exclusion policy,” said Edtstadler on Thursday in Vienna.

The European Minister recalled that the EU had also succeeded in agreeing a rule of law mechanism for the EU budget with Hungary. The amendment to the EPP Rules of Procedure, which should set the course for a suspension of Fidesz, is an internal matter for the group.

“Problem areas” in Hungary

Of course she has seen “problem areas” in Hungary over the past few weeks and months and has always addressed them bilaterally. “I am a friend of integrative politics,” says Edtstadler. “I do not consider an exclusion to be the most expedient way.” It should now be noted that Fidesz has left the EPP Group.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party had anticipated an impending suspension by leaving the EPP parliamentary group in the European Parliament on Wednesday. The amendment to the EPP Group’s Rules of Procedure had previously been approved by 148 votes in favor and 28 against. With the exception of Vice President Othmar Karas, the other ÖVP MPs supported Fidesz to remain and voted against the reform. (apa)

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Fidesz Edtstadler criticizes exclusion policy


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