FIFA Ultimate Team could soon be 18+ due to packs


In FIFA Players can use coins or FIFA points to buy various packs (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, premium) that contain random cards from a certain selection for the FUT mode. While you can get coins comparatively quickly within the game through matches, FIFA Points can only be bought with real money. However, since you do not know exactly which players are in the packs beforehand, it is therefore a matter of luck whether you get coveted cards or not and may need more Buy packsto collect his desired squad.

These frowned upon game mechanics are commonly known as loot boxes and are now seen in more and more countries as a game of chance and therefore dangerous for young people, as even young players can become addicted and get into financial difficulties as a result. According to an amendment to the law, games in Germany that contain such loot boxes should no longer be accessible to young people.

What does this mean for FIFA Ultimate Team?

So that could mean that, for example, the next FIFA could get an FSK 18 age rating if EA kept FUT mode in the usual way. To get around this, EA would have to block the FUT mode or at least the possibility of buying points for minors.

Right or do you think that’s exaggerated?

Tell us what you think about this action against loot boxing!

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FIFA Ultimate Team due packs


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