Film shooting planned on the ISS space station


For a film in space, Russia wants to fly the director Klim Schipenko (“Salyut-7 – Fatal Race in Space”) to the International Space Station (ISS) in six months. The flight is planned for September 20, said the head of the cosmonaut training center, Pavel Vlasov, of the Russian space agency Roskosmos published magazine “Russkij Kosmos”. The return to earth is planned for October. An actress is also supposed to fly, but Vlasov did not mention the name. The film has the working title “Wysow” (Ger .: “Challenge”).

The state agency Ria Novosti reported two weeks ago that 20 finalists had been selected from 3,000 applications for the role. In addition to trained actresses, these include pilots, psychologists and research assistants. Roskosmos and the state-run TV broadcaster Perwy Kanal announced that the film, parts of which are being shot in the cosmos, aims to heroically portray the cosmonaut’s profession. The US was also planning a shoot in the ISS.

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Film shooting planned ISS space station


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