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Column: This is the boomer speaking
Five corona measures that Germany really needs

Protest by restaurateurs, retailers and hotel operators in Schwerin. Also stern-Guest author Frank Schmiechen is dissatisfied with the actions of politicians in the corona pandemic.
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Dramatic days in politics: the Chancellor apologized for a wrong idea. Otherwise, unfortunately, only the usual came out of it. Half-hearted lockdown, no new ideas, no jolt. That won’t be enough, says our guest author.

From Frank Schmiechen

I’m supposed to stay home for Easter. That is the appeal of politics to me and my family. I’m sorry. I still have to think carefully about whether I can comply with this request. But I also have an appeal. Our politics. Here are five corona measures that we would actually have needed.

  1. Bundeswehr in front of daycare centers and schools: We immediately deploy the Bundeswehr to test children, carers and teachers. Bundeswehr soldiers are deployed in front of every school and daycare center under the direction of paramedics and doctors. As of tomorrow! We have to save our children. Your health, your development and your education. Fast.
  2. Experts from Israel: We immediately get experts from Israel who managed to vaccinate their country in record time. There is a lack of people in Germany who can get a crisis situation under control. Israel lives in a constant state of crisis. The people there know how to react quickly to threats. Bring them to Germany. Now.
  3. Luca for everyone: The use of the Luca app is now mandatory. It is only through the use of digital tools that infections can be tracked and the pandemic can be contained. We’re finally starting to save lives instead of protecting data we don’t yet have.
  4. Open vaccination centers: In Berlin there are plenty of appointments at the Tegel and Tempelhof vaccination centers. At any time of the day. Apparently the older people who are now on their way do not want to be vaccinated with Astrazeneca. Open the centers to everyone! Fast. Provides the family doctors with the unused vaccine. We can’t afford this snail’s pace for an hour longer.
  5. Stop the corona peaks: Politicians from the federal and state governments sat together until late at night. Why don’t they just start early in the morning? Then you have more power to make meaningful decisions. The best thing to do is to stop these strange peaks. They undermine trust in our democracy. We need parliamentary decisions. We want to be there when our lives are voted on. It hurts so much that the politicians who got neither the vaccination nor the tests decide how hard we should suffer from their failures. Stop. Grace!

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