Five Guys Restaurant opens at Cologne Neumarkt on March 8th


Cologne –

Big restaurant opening on Neumarkt. The US fast food chain “Five Guys” opened its first branch in Cologne on Monday (March 8th) after a long wait.

  • Five Guys opened the first branch in Cologne
  • At the opening, there was initially no really big crowd
  • Barack Obama escaped from the White House for Five Guys

The “Five Guys” branch on Schildergasse at the corner of Neumarkt opened on Monday morning with a moderate number of people.

Neumarkt: “Five Guys” opens its first branch in Cologne

Fans of the burger roasters from the States had to wait a long time for the jump to the cathedral city. Now the time has finally come in Cologne.

Since May 2020, the property has been tinkering and toiling. For four years, “Five Guys” had been looking for a suitable location in Cologne.

“We just thought that if we come here to Cologne, it would have to be the best possible location,” explains Germany boss Jörg Gilcher.

The burger chain “Five Guys” opened its first branch on Cologne’s Neumarkt on Monday.

The restaurant in the former premises of the textile retailer “Gerry Weber” is already number 22 across Germany.

“Five Guys” opening at Neumarkt: Big run does not take place

Of course, there were only burgers and fries to take away at the opening. Possibly a reason for the manageable rush.

When the sliding doors opened at 11 a.m. under a large tam-tam, only a dozen loyal fans were waiting in front of the store.

Jörg Gilcher Five Guys

Jörg Gilcher, Head of Five Guys in Germany.

“We are already expecting a few guests to come today,” commented Gilcher to EXPRESS about the quiet start, which was well planned. “But it’s also very good for the team if it starts slowly.”

The Five Guys phenomenon: Barack Obama escaped from the White House for burgers

“Five Guys” enjoys a certain cult status among burger lovers. Barack Obama once escaped from the White House just to get the burgers.

Guests can now choose what they want on the burger from up to 250,000 options for toppings and the like.

Worldwide there are already around 2,500 branches of the chain, which was founded in 1986 by a father and his four sons (“Five Guys”) in Arlington, Virginia, USA. (bas, pvr)

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Guys Restaurant opens Cologne Neumarkt March #8th


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