Fling to the Finish erscheint 2021




Michael Sosinka

SplitSide Games and Daedalic Entertainment present “Fling to the Finish” in the new trailer, which will be released in 2021 for the PC. This is a cooperative racing game in which teams are tied together with an elastic rubber band.

Über Fling to the Finish

  • At Fling to the Finish, teams of 2 people, who are connected by an elastic rubber band, compete in colorful, chaotic obstacle courses.
  • When you and your friend play for the first time, your rope will get tangled up in just about anything. But when you are in tune with each other, you quickly learn that the rope is your most important tool.
  • Experienced players use the rope to swing over dangerous obstacles and fling their partners up ledges before they plunge into ruin. As soon as both partners have mastered the rope, they can perform acrobatic masterpieces that cannot be found in any other platformer!
  • Teams can showcase their talent in local or online races against other players!
  • Since you are literally attached to your partner, Fling to the Finish offers a true cooperative gaming experience. If you want, you can even share the same controller with your partner at Fling to the Finish.
  • This control setting is ideal for local co-op games and further deepens the co-op gameplay. Even if you toss and pull yourself back and forth in the game, try to be nice to each other in real love!
  • Each Fling to the Finish course has its own theme and design. Race to the finish line in flying parks, massive casinos and even worm infested asteroid fields! We designed each obstacle to force you to use your rope in new ways. So every second you can expect new surprises and unforgettable moments. The circuit is even changing so that it remains challenging and every race is a tremendous match. You never know what strange obstacle awaits you next.
  • Your opponents defend themselves with hailstones, heavy weights and nasty laser beams when they fall back. Our items ensure that the races remain exciting and help create opportunities when one player has more experience than another.


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Fling Finish erscheint


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