Florian Silbereisen: He mourns “Traumschiff” colleagues


The ZDF “dream ship” actually stands for wonderful destinations, love drama and bliss. But THIS news is likely to shake many fans of the cult series: The “Traumschiff” team and certainly Florian Silbereisen are mourning an old companion!

Wolfgang Frank is dead. The longtime cruise director of MS Deutschland has gone forever. His good friend Günter Weber announced the sad demise of the former director on Facebook: “We would like to inform all of Wolfgang Frank’s friends that he fell asleep in peace yesterday. We will always remember our friend. We really laughed a lot and were able to experience the world together. It was nice. Thank you. May all your wishes come true while sailing above the clouds. “ According to “Express” information, Wolfgang is Frank died of the long-term effects of a stroke.

Another companion also spoke up on Facebook. Pop host Uwe Hübner also mourns his friend: “ (…) He was a man of size, a gentleman, educated, polite, warm-hearted and generous. Who was responsible for, co-wrote and presented so many wonderful shows. (…) “

As the “Express” reports, Wolfgang Frank is said to have coordinated shows and programs on the former “Traumschiff” steamer MS Deutschland. No less a person than Harald Schmidt embodies the role of Wolfgang Frank in the series – and always manages to convey the enthusiasm and the friends at the job as Oskar Schifferle. We remember Wolfgang Frank and wish his bereaved a lot of strength!

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Florian Silbereisen mourns Traumschiff colleagues


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