Florian Silbereisen: His colleague always had to strike!


Florian Silbereisen can not only do Schlager. In another role, too, the entertainer wins the hearts of his TV viewers, who can look forward to seeing them again soon. But one scene hurts just looking at it!

We are talking about the ZDF “dream ship”. On Easter Sunday (8.15 p.m.) the MS Amadea will sail across the oceans again. This time the dreamlike trip goes to the Maldives. Of course, tension, heartbreak and a happy ending are inevitable.

“width =” 2373 “height =” 478 “data-original =” https://static.schlager.de/uploads/2021/02/www.schlager.de-cd-tipp-mobile-1.jpg “alt = “” /> “width =” 2373 “height =” 358 “data-original =” https://static.schlager.de/uploads/2021/02/www.schlager.de-cd-tipp-desktop-1.jpg “alt = “” /> The shooting for the latest episode has of course been completed for months. This time the ship’s doctor Dr. Jessica Delgado, played by Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, and dance teacher Mia Wagner, played by the presenter Victoria Swarovski. The latter role enters into a romance with a passenger (Kornelius Busch) on board the MS Amadea. And apparently this love story ends dramatically. Mia is said to be bitterly disappointed.

In the RTL program “Exclusiv”, Victoria Swarovski reports together with Florian Silbereisen about this scene, which demanded a lot from her. In the published excerpt you can see how she gives the actor a good slap and says: “Hopefully you had your fun!” Oops!

Florian Silbereisen – That’s why he always reaches an audience of millions

Victoria Swarovski: Despair

The pretty Austrian looks back on this uncomfortable moment: “I had to give my co-actor one – and I didn’t know how to do it.” This take apparently took several tries. Victoria Swarovski first tried a gentle blow. But that was probably not enough for her fellow actor. “Then he said to me: ‘You have to hit it now’.”

Florian Silbereisen: “Got something”

Florian Silbereisen also knows these unpleasant situations during a TV shoot: “When you act, you repeat everything. He’s got a lot. “ Oh dear. How painful the scene was for dear Cornelius, you will find out on Easter Sunday in the second!

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Florian Silbereisen colleague strike


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