FlyErbil expands route network to Germany


The Iraqi low-cost carrier FlyErbil is expanding the range of its flight routes to Germany and is also planning connections to Cologne / Bonn in the future.

Since the airline was founded in 2015, FlyErbil has been steadily expanding its route network and is increasingly pursuing the goal of becoming the most established low-cost airline in Iraq. In view of this goal, the low-cost airline is now announcing that it will also fly to other airports within Germany, as reported by

FlyErbil plans to connect the Middle East with Europe in the best possible way

FlyErbil has been one of Iraq’s low-cost carriers since it was founded in 2015. Starting with domestic flights, the airline’s offer has also developed into low-cost international flights over the past few years. Since then, the goal has been to become the largest airline in the region while at the same time not neglecting the sustainability aspect of air traffic. The airline now offers around 20 destinations in different countries. Destinations in Germany are Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich, as well as Amsterdam, Istanbul, Dubai and Beirut around the world.

In the midst of the pandemic, the low-cost airline is planning to expand its route network and would like to offer more flights to Germany. According to the company’s own statements, the aim is not only to become the most established low-cost airline in Iraq, but also to better connect European cities with the Middle East. Accordingly, FlyErbil has announced that it will fly to Cologne / Bonn international airport once a week from April 14th, which means that there are a total of four international airports in the route network.

Conclusion on the route expansion to Cologne and Bonn

The route expansion will certainly bring Iraq’s low-cost airline one step closer to its goal of better connecting Iraq. However, it is questionable whether an expansion of the flight route will be profitable during the current pandemic. It remains to be seen whether the airline will offer the planned flights to Germany as early as April and how the demand will develop in the coming months.


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FlyErbil expands route network Germany


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