Focus on the Vienna Danube Canal: an advertisement


The Danube Canal is very busy when the weather is good.

On Saturday afternoon, the Viennese police carried out a focus action due to violations of corona measures on the Danube Canal. The police left it with warnings. However, there was an advertisement because beer was being sold without a street license.

Together with the group for emergency measures, the Viennese police carried out a priority action on the Danube Canal on Saturday afternoon. As in other public places in the city, numerous people gathered there when the weather was nice. “The officials entered into a dialogue with the people at the Danube Canal and since most of the visitors showed their understanding, there were no reports under the Covid Ordinance,” said police spokesman Jammer. One person was charged with illegally selling alcoholic beverages on the street.

Danube Canal: Police appeal for personal responsibility

“Together with the police, we check where it is absolutely necessary. The Danube Canal and the city’s hotspots should be usable for all visitors without hesitation,” Walter Hillerer, head of the emergency measures group, was quoted as saying in the police broadcast. The executive and the city of Vienna appeal to the population to take responsibility, especially when it comes to being outdoors, it said.

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Focus Vienna Danube Canal advertisement


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