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Of the Württemberg Football Association has already prepared its members for a resumption of game operations by May 9th and a sporting end to the season “increasingly unlikely” will. On April 9, he wants to discuss whether a continuation of the season and thus a sporting rating is still realistic.

So is the mood at Baden Football Association. For a resumption of game operations from May 9th, nationwide team training should be possible immediately after April 18th, it says there. “In view of the current development, it is unlikely that this precision landing will succeed”, emphasized Vice President Rüdiger Heiss. Of the South Baden Football Association wants to decide after Easter at the latest. But there, too, the signs point to a breakdown.

Much confidence in the west

There is still hope elsewhere. That’s how it goes Football and Athletics Association Westphalia expect to get 50 percent of the games over by June 30th. Then the season could count. Also the Football Association Middle Rhine has not yet ended the season and wants to continue to wait and observe the situation.

One is also combative at Lower Rhine Football Association. They definitely want to continue the season there, at the beginning of May. Background: If the corona incidence value in North Rhine-Westphalia remains below 100, according to the federal government’s step-by-step plan, the clubs could train again from April 5.

Also at Saxon Football Association it means: wait and see. A decision to cancel or continue the season will be made on April 17th, after consultation with the clubs. The reason for this is the enormously different incidence values ​​in the country. They are extremely high in the Vogtland and moderate elsewhere.

Bavaria sees “legitimate opportunities”

There is also confidence in Bavaria. “With extensive and regular tests, but also with the immunization of the population, which must finally get going, those responsible for the Bavarian Football Association continue to have legitimate opportunities “ to end the season by June 30th, it is said.

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