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Tuur Dierckx, in the service of the Belgian club KVC Westerlo, has to be behind bars for a month. Reason: An illegal lockdown home party.

It happened on December 13th, 2020. At 4:30 am, the doorbell of Belgian soccer professional Tuur Dierckx rang in Antwerp. It was none other than the police. Reason for the visit: There was a noise complaint.

Dierckx celebrated an illegal lockdown home party with fourteen other participants. The footballer tried to talk to the officials and apologized on the spot and admitted to having made a mistake. His club KVC Westerlo gave him a fine of 800 euros. Not too painful a punishment for a professional soccer player. What could hurt him more, however, is the fact that he now has to go to prison for a month.

The professional’s lawyers asked the court for indulgence, using the excuse that footballers lived in a bubble with other players and coaches anyway and thus, despite the pandemic, did not see the need to restrict their contacts.

But when leaving the apartment, the guests were anything but reasonable. They shook hands, hugged and kissed goodbye. The Belgian has already worked for one day on the corona ward of the hospital in Geel. Among his fourteen guests were four other professionals who have to pay a fine of between 400 and 600 euros.

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Football pro jail lockdown party football


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