FOPH director: Swiss people should have an international vaccination card in the summer


All information from Wednesday at a glance
A further summary of the media conference can be found here.
Masserey resigns from the board of directors of the foundation
The FOPH rejects any responsibility for the data leak at the foundation. Virginie Masserey, Head of Infection Control Section at the FOPH, has resigned from the Board of Trustees. She has been an expert on the foundation’s board of directors since January, said Masserey. “I will withdraw from the board of trustees so that there is a clear separation between the BAG and the foundation.”

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Ackermann: “It will take a while until we are over the mountain”
Despite clear and positive evidence that the vaccinations are beginning to have an effect on people at risk, Taskforce President Martin Ackermann warned on Wednesday from an epidemiological point of view against further rapid opening steps. “It will be a while before we’re over the mountain.”

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According to the federal government, there is enough material for the implementation of the test strategy
According to the BAG, there is no shortage of test material to be expected. There are enough tests on the market, said BAG director Anne Lévy. The self-tests should be “available in a few weeks.” The Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, is currently processing an exemption for such self-tests, which in future everyone should be able to obtain free of charge in pharmacies. The pharmacies still have to “adjust to it,” said Lévy.

According to the BAG, there is also progress with the mass tests. In the meantime, 22 cantons have submitted a concept for mass testing, and two cantons are already doing well. In the future, repetitive testing should be possible free of charge in schools, companies and administrations. “That means we can test people even when there is no increased risk of transmission,” said Lévy.

Swiss should have an international vaccination certificate in the summer
According to the BAG, an internationally recognized vaccination certificate should be available by summer. The vaccination card shows the vaccination, but not the tests or infection with the coronavirus. The proof of the test or the disease is only in second place, said BAG director Anne Lévy.

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According to the BAG, a third of those at risk are vaccinated
According to the BAG, 36 percent of vulnerable people are vaccinated against Covid-19. A total of 9 percent of the total population had received at least one vaccine dose, 5.4 percent of the people were completely vaccinated. That said Virginie Masserey, head of the infection control section in the FOPH. 21,000 people are currently vaccinated against Covid-19 every day. In the vast majority of cantons, the vaccination campaign in old people’s and nursing homes is over.

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Before the media conference:

The federal government has been paying for free tests for over a week. But the federal test offensive has not yet really started rolling. The reason: The pharmacies were overrun with the requirements of the federal government.

The expansion of the test strategy is, however, an important part of the federal pandemic fight. The offer is likely to meet with great demand, especially before Easter. Is Switzerland armed?

Test, test, test

The rapid tests are available. But not every pharmacy offers them. In addition: The test dates are limited, as the “Blick” was able to find out. There is talk of deadline bottlenecks. And that just before Easter. Meetings outside of up to 15 people have been allowed for a long time, indoors up to ten people have been allowed again since Monday.

A quick test before the meeting with the big boy should bring additional security despite distance and hygiene measures. But what if that is not even possible due to capacity reasons?

Rising corona numbers

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 1,844 new coronavirus infections were reported to the FOPH within 24 hours on Tuesday. At the same time, the BAG registered eleven new deaths and 74 hospital admissions. On Tuesday a week ago, 1,438 new coronavirus infections, 19 new deaths and 85 hospital admissions were reported to the FOPH within 24 hours.

The upward trend can also be seen from the R-value: The reproduction number R, which indicates how many people an infected person infects on average, was 1.18 around ten days ago.

Despite increasing numbers and problems with testing: is Switzerland ready for a nice Easter with a small group? The federal experts will provide information about the current corona situation from 2 p.m. The following people are present:

  • Anne Lévy, Director, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
  • Virginie Masserey, Head of Infection Control Section, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
  • Fosca Gattoni, Deputy Head of Therapeutic Products Law Section, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
  • Mike Schüpbach, Deputy Head of Legal Area 2, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
  • Martin Ackermann, President, National COVID-19 Science Task Force

Telebasel will be showing the media conference with federal experts from 2 p.m. live on TV and online.

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