Ford discontinues long-running hits – after almost 30 years


After five generations and almost 30 years of construction, it’s over: Ford says goodbye to one of its great successes. Mainly because you want to build more electric SUVs. But there is probably another reason.

The end of the Mondeo is sealed: the Ford classic has been rolling off the assembly line since 1993. Four generations have followed since then. But instead of the upcoming 30th birthday, the end for the mid-size sedan is coming.

The last Mondeo is due to leave the production line on March 31, 2022, almost exactly a year from now. Then the series is history. Because Ford is fully committed to e-cars: From 2030, at least in Europe, they only want to offer electric cars. In order to achieve this goal, the model range is sifted through at an early stage. And the Mondeo stands in the way of the electrification of the brand, it is said to justify the end.

Fifth generation: the current Ford Mondeo was launched in 2014. (Source: manufacturer)

The fact that it is not being further developed as an electric car, which would also be an obvious solution, has to do with the second reason: Because the best days of sedans like the Mondeo are over. Instead, SUVs and crossovers are in demand, in which you can sit high and load a lot of luggage. This is not only confirmed by every look at the Registration numbers, but also the sales statistics from Ford. The Mondeo is only in eighth place – no comparison with the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class, which make their manufacturers splendid profits.

Sold Ford 2020 in Germany

model number of pieces
Focus 53.378
Fiesta 34.821
Plague 23.868
Puma 20.244
Transit Tourneo 19.479
Ecosport 11.552
S-Max 8.002
Mondeo 7.616
Transit Connect 3.645
Mustang 3.437

Planned as a world car

The chic of the early nineties: the first Ford Mondeo hit the market in 1993.  (Source: manufacturer)The chic of the early nineties: the first Ford Mondeo hit the market in 1993. (Source: manufacturer)

When the Mondeo came onto the market in 1993, it replaced the Sierra, which had been built in two model series since 1982. As its name (“le monde”: French “the world”) suggests, it was intended to be one of the early world cars: It was to be sold in many markets – and only slightly adapted in each case – instead of different ones with great effort and high costs Develop models for individual countries. That is why it was given a design that offered as few points of friction as possible: it should please everyone – or at least only a few displeased. Today this thought is a standard in the auto industry. At that time, however, the Mondeo was a real pioneer.

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Ford discontinues longrunning hits years


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