Formula 1 in the live ticker: Vettel fiasco in Bahrain! Now it’s getting even bigger


Formula 1 starts the new season in Bahrain. How are Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher doing? The race today in the live ticker.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix – The starting grid

1 Verstappen 2 Hamilton 3 Bottas 4 Leclerc
5 Gasly 6 Ricciardo 7 Norris 8 Sainz
9 Alonso 10 Stroll 11 Perez 12 Giovinazzi
13 Tsunoda 14 Raikkonen 15 Russell 16 Ocon
17 Latifi 18 Schumacher 19 Mazepin 20 Vettel

>>> UPDATE <<<

Update from March 28, 2:55 p.m .: Horror start for Sebastian Vettel in the new season! Qualifying already went anything but rosy for him on Saturday, the German only finished 18th in his new Aston Martin. Now things are getting even worse for him. The ex-world champion was subsequently given a penalty – and thus moved back to the last place on the grid.

The race management came to the opinion on Sunday that Vettel had violated the requirements for double waved yellow flags in the qualification for the Bahrain Grand Prix. A good two and a half hours before the start of the race, it was announced that the offense would be sanctioned by moving five starting positions back. For Vettel, who should have started in 18th place anyway, this means 20th place and thus the last starting position.

The punished offense happened in the first period of Saturday’s qualifying. Haas new driver Nikita Mazepin had previously spun in his car and was on the track in the first corner. At this point, Vettel started his last fast lap in the first period. According to the race stewards, the Heppenheimer did not adhere to the requirements that must be complied with in a double yellow flag phase – according to the regulations, it is not allowed to drive another significant lap time.

Update, 5:04 p.m .: Dutchman Max Verstappen takes pole position ahead of Lewis Hamilton! The Red Bull driver can beat the Briton by four tenths, while Valtteri Bottas finished third after Q3. Charles Leclerc came fourth, and Pierre Gasly came fifth. Ricciardo, Norris, Sainz and Alonso follow.

“Congratulations to Max, I gave everything I had but it wasn’t enough. I got everything out of the car, ”said Hamilton after missing pole.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in the live ticker – Vettel frustrated after early qualification

Update, 4:50 p.m .: After his early departure in Q1, Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel spoke up. “We should have been more careful and positioned ourselves better,” the 33-year-old annoyed at the Sky microphone. “But afterwards you are always smarter, today it hit us hard,” he added. “We are far from the points. It depends how far Lance is (Stroll, Anm. d. Red.) is still going forward ”.

The Heppenheimer gave a preview of his first Grand Prix race for his new employer in Bahrain. “Tomorrow is a long race, it is a difficult race in terms of the tires,” said Vettel. His car was “better to drive than in the training sessions”. “The car felt very good, unfortunately we couldn’t show it,” he said before his first race.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in the live ticker – Vettel and Schumacher already out in Q1

4:22 p.m .: Bitter start for the German drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher, both of whom will be eliminated in Q1. With Schumi junior that was to be expected in view of the inferior Haas car, the Formula 1 debutant ended up in penultimate place, but clearly ahead of teammate Nikita Mazepin. Vettel was thwarted on his last lap by a spin from the Russian and was only 18th. In addition, Nicholas Latifi and Esteban Ocon were eliminated. Max Verstappen set the fastest time, Lewis Hamilton came third. It’s about to continue with Q2.

4:06 p.m .: Behind Mick Schumacher’s name appears for the first time in his young career the 1 for the fastest time. However, Schumacher was generally the first driver to have put a time into the ranking so far. Now the other drivers also roll onto the track and Q1 can really get going.

4:01 p.m .: And let’s go! The first Formula 1 cars hit the track in Bahrain and do the first few laps on the track.

3.40 p.m .: How are Sebastian Vettel and debutant Mick Schumacher doing in qualifying before the start of the season on Sunday? The answer will be available from 4 p.m. in the live ticker.

Update from March 27, 2:20 p.m .: Finally Formula 1 again! It still takes less than two hours for the premier class of motorsport to finally start the new season. The Bahrain Grand Prix will be heralded with qualifying at 4 p.m. and the question of who will start from the longed-for pole position in the race on Sunday will be heralded. The fastest man in 3rd practice, which was held on Saturday afternoon, was once again Max Verstappen in the Red Bull. Defending champion Lewis Hamilton drove the second fastest time in his Mercedes.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in the live ticker – the new season is in the starting blocks

First report from March 26th, 11:14 am: Sakhir – Finally! Formula 1 * starts its new season on the last weekend in March. So the wait is over, a historic year in the premier class of motorsport begins. Will Lewis Hamilton finally crown himself the sole record world champion? How is Sebastian Vettel * doing in the Aston Martin? And what can we expect from Mick Schumacher * in his premiere season?

These and many other questions will occupy us for the next nine months. The starting shot is now given in Bahrain. The first points of the year 2021 * will be awarded here – but the racing weekend starts anything but ideal, because: Corona alarm on Sebastian Vettel’s team! Does the nightmare continue right after its disaster year at Ferrari?

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in the live ticker – Corona cases at Aston Martin

A spokesman for Aston Martin confirmed to the German press agency on Friday that there were two corona cases at the British racing team immediately before the start of the season. The employees are already in quarantine, further precautionary measures have been taken, it said. At first it was not known exactly who it is and what tasks the people have.

Almost exactly a year ago, the 2020 season was supposed to start in Australia. Back then, in mid-March, the corona situation was far more confusing. Everything was actually ready for the first race in Melbourne, the teams and fans had even arrived.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in the live ticker – The schedule for the start of the season

  • Friday, 12.30 p.m .: First free practice
  • Friday, 4 p.m .: Second free practice
  • Saturday, 12.45 p.m .: Third free practice
  • Saturday, 3:30 p.m .: qualifying
  • Sunday, 4:55 p.m .: Race

A Corona case at McLaren then caused a stir. Ultimately, the Grand Prix was called off, the season only started in July in Austria – and ended as always in the recent past: Hamilton became world champion *. (akl / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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