Formula 1 live ticker: does Vettel have to start from the back?


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Before we get into the hot phase …

… I can once again recommend our qualifying analysis to you. By the way, no news yet from the Vettel front. The stewards take their time.

Vettel really that bad? Red Bull favorite?

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Red Bull ahead of historic victory?

If Max Verstappen wins today, it would be Red Bull’s first victory in Bahrain since 2013 and even the first win in the opener since 2011! Most recently, Sebastian Vettel triumphed for the Bulls ten years ago at the Australian Grand Prix in an opening race into a new season. In the end he was known to be world champion …

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Comparison 2020 vs. 2021

We took a look at how much time the individual teams lost yesterday compared to qualifying in Bahrain last year. Haas was hit hardest, Ferrari lost the least. This shows that the Scuderia has apparently made the biggest leap in their new car, while Aston Martin and Mercedes are suffering from the new rules.

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FIA wants to take harder action

The race management will tighten the thumbscrews a little in 2021. Michael Masi has announced that this year we will look more closely at incidents in the first round. “Based on feedback and discussions with drivers and team bosses, there was the feeling that with the ‘let them race’ principle, we had to backtrack a bit in terms of incidents on the first lap,” he explains.

All the backgrounds are here!

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Alonso: Everything was very different …

An Alonso interview with the BBC recently caused a sensation. When asked whether he is still as good as his competitors in Formula 1, he replied: “No, I’m better.” Now he makes it clear: “I have probably misunderstood the question.” He interpreted the question as whether he was still as good as in 2018 when he left Formula 1. And in the comparison he was “better”.

He didn’t want to compare himself to other drivers.

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Speaking of tires …

Here is also an overview of who has which tires available before the race. As a reminder: Verstappen, Hamilton, Bottas and Gasly start later on Medium, the rest of the top 10 on Soft. From P11 there is a free choice of tires.

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This year, too, Pirelli gives a forecast for the strategy before each race. According to the Italians, it comes down to a race with two stops afterwards. In theory, medium-hard-medium should be the fastest option. Soft-Hard-Medium is a little slower for drivers who start on soft tires. Soft-medium-medium is also possible, but a little slower.

However, the past has shown that the teams could also try (contrary to Pirelli’s prognosis) to drive through on a stop.

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Another reader would like to know: “There will be 3 races in the Middle East this season. How likely is it that there will be a 4th in Kuwait Motor Town? The circuit there has the necessary license for the F1.” Everything is conceivable at first, but nothing is known about concrete discussions.

In any case, Formula 1 currently seems to have other priorities. For example, they are currently still working on another US race. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t drive to Kuwait at some point. Wait.

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