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What role does the wind play?

Today it was okay, but tomorrow the wind should be really strong again. This video shows that it is already quite windy on the route. “It’s not ideal,” says Lando Norris on the subject. “But it can go both ways. It’s easier to make mistakes, but others can also make mistakes more easily, from which we can then benefit,” said Norris.

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Ricciardo best changer

The Australian landed on P6, one position ahead of his teammate Lando Norris. He is “satisfied” with his performance and explains: “Even if I am experienced, it takes time to find the limit of a car. […] If you look at Sainz and Perez, then they are a little further away from their team-mates. “In fact, Ricciardo was the best” team changer “on P6 today.

The top 5 ahead of him have all stayed in the same cars as in 2020.

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Ferrari: what’s in the race?

P4 today for Leclerc. But now he doesn’t want to dream. “Realistically speaking, the top 3 cannot be reached,” he clarifies and explains that tomorrow we will have to look backwards. “AlphaTauri was really impressive yesterday. They were very, very fast in the long run, and they start on medium tires. That will be tricky,” said Leclerc, for whom the first qualifying of the year was nevertheless “very promising”.

More statements from him and teammate Sainz can be found here!

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New engine parts

Incidentally, not everything is going smoothly at Honda this weekend. Yesterday there was a little problem at Tsunoda, today the teammate needed new drive parts. Gasly has got a new energy storage device and new control electronics. Of these two parts, only two are allowed per season. Gasly has already reached the maximum allowed here before the first race …

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Russell: Q2 was the “maximum”

The Williams driver made it into Q2 – but of course benefited from the problems at Vettel and Ocon, among other things. He finished last there and will start as 15th tomorrow. “We knew it would be a success if we made it into Q2,” said Russell. That was the “maximum” today.

But where is Williams really currently? “I would say we look a bit stronger than Haas at the moment. Alfa Romeo has made a massive leap forward on this track,” Russell also observed. But it is still too early to draw a conclusion about the order in the back of the field.

7:15 pm

Horner supports Perez

“Sergio was unlucky that he narrowly missed Q3,” says the team boss and explains: “He is very grown up, has a lot of experience and adapts well. He only had 1.5 days of testing, and it’s brand new to him how the car feels. But in tomorrow’s race it will be competitive. It shouldn’t be written off. ” At least from P11 he has the advantage of a free choice of tires.

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Kimi: Made mistakes on every lap

P12 and P14 today for Alfa Romeo. In 2020 it would have been a success to get both cars into Q2. According to Kimi Raikkonen, there was more to it than that. “There was a mistake on almost every lap,” reported the Finn. He made some changes to the car after FT3, but they didn’t work.

Basically, however, they are satisfied at Alfa Romeo. “We have shown that our optimism was well founded after the test and that we can be much more competitive this season,” said team principal Frederic Vasseur. They have made “some big steps in the right direction”.

Antonio Giovinazzi is even hoping for points tomorrow. “Our race pace is not that bad. Tomorrow we’ll see if we can fight. We’re close to the top 10, so tomorrow the goal will be to score points,” said the Italian.

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Perez: Round not brought together

The Mexican takes the blame for the end in Q2. “I was very sure that I had enough pace [auf den Mediums] have. If I had brought the group together, then I would have been through. But I didn’t. “But he still” doesn’t worry “and explains that it is only a matter of time before he gets along better with the car.

0.035 seconds were missing today to move into Q2.

6:54 p.m.

Tsunoda: No grip on medium tires

The rookie could have driven in Q3. But the team wanted him to qualify with the medium in Q2. The plan backfired. Tomorrow he will only start the race from P13. “I don’t know what happened”, the Japanese wonders himself and explains that he had “no grip at all” on the C3 tires. He wants to work on handling the tire better in the future.

Teammate Gasly showed that it was possible. He starts tomorrow from P5.

6:45 p.m.

Aston Martin suffers from new regulations

Not only the works team has problems, the Aston Martin customer team is still shaking at the start of the season. People there believe that the new regulations in the area of ​​the underbody are the main cause of suffering. Otmar Szafnauer explains that teams with a low angle of attack are hit particularly hard by it.

We have already heard that from the works team. “Mercedes and we are hardest hit,” says Szafnauer with certainty, explaining that teams “like Red Bull, Alpha Tauri, McLaren and Ferrari” are not that badly affected. These are some of Aston Martin’s direct opponents.

6:34 pm

ERS problem at Mercedes

At the end of his media round, Wolff goes into more detail about the ERS problem. He explains that at the end of a lap you don’t have enough energy and that you break down compared to Red Bull. Apparently Mercedes is lagging behind Honda in this area. In the Red Bull, Verstappen is able to obtain energy from the ERS for longer.

6:25 pm

Mercedes problems specific to Bahrain?

Even before the weekend, Toto Wolff said that the circuit in Bahrain would be a better fit for Red Bull. He repeats that assumption today. You just can’t get the car into the “sweet spot”. But of course it also means between the lines: The W12 could work much better on a different route. But that’s just speculation, of course, because the new car has not yet driven on any other circuit.

6:20 pm

Wolff: Not just in one area at the back

The Mercedes team boss explains that it is “difficult to accept” that you are behind. Red Bull simply had a faster car today. He too sees it like Hamilton and explains that at least one has recovered somewhat since the test. Compared to Red Bull, you lose in the fast corners, and not everything is right with the engine either. One is not entirely satisfied with the ERS. It’s not just an area where you’re behind.

6:17 pm

Alonso: There is still a lack of trust

“The weekend was difficult, I lack a little confidence in the rear,” said Alonso, who also had problems braking. It felt “very different” than during the test. He is therefore satisfied with P9. Tomorrow in the race, too, he will again have to learn a lot of new things. He is therefore already satisfied if he leads into the points. A top 10 result is also “possible”.

6:08 pm

Speaking of yellow flags …

The race management had announced that they would take another look at the laps at the end of Q1. This has been done and it has been concluded that no one has disregarded the yellow flags. Everyone went off the gas. So nothing changes in the result.

6:04 pm

Also ocon victims of the yellow flags

For the French, it was surprisingly already in Q1 after work. At ‘Canal +’ he reports: “We caught Carlos Sainz’s yellow flag at the exit of Turn 8. So I couldn’t accelerate fully.” As a result, he lost half a second. That would have been “easily” enough to make it into Q2. He is therefore “very disappointed”. Especially since team-mate Alonso showed that the car was fast enough for Q3 today.

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Formula live ticker Hamilton satisfied


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