FP against “rewards” for Turkey – criticism also from Greens


“Rewards for Turkey, as the EU summit has now promised, are completely inappropriate,” said Harald Vilimsky, the liberal head of delegation in the EU Parliament, on Friday. Meanwhile, the Greens criticized Turkey for withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention.

A corresponding motion for a resolution by the Greens together with their coalition partner VP was unanimously accepted in the plenary session of the National Council on Thursday, said the Green’s women’s spokeswoman, Meri Disoski, in a broadcast on Friday. With this, Minister for Women Susanne Raab and Foreign Minister Schallenberg (both VP) would be called upon to work towards a withdrawal of Turkey’s decision at international level.

“The main goal of the Istanbul Convention is to protect women from violence. And that is more than necessary: ‚Äč‚ÄčEvery third woman worldwide experiences intimate partner violence,” Disoski quoted the recently published study by the World Health Organization (WHO). “The exit is a disastrous sign and proves that Turkey has no ambitions to protect women from violence. Rather, one signals to violent perpetrators that violence is accepted and okay.”

Vilimsky also emphasized that Turkey’s withdrawal from the Convention for the Protection of Women from Violence and the ban on the pro-Kurdish opposition party HDP “only show that the authoritarian Erdogan regime is incompatible with European values”. Instead of rewards, “the formal end of the accession negotiations with the EU and the complete suspension of payments for the so-called pre-accession aid,” demanded Vilimsky.

At their summit on Thursday, the EU heads of state and government addressed the human rights situation in Turkey, which remains a “central concern” of the EU. However, the EU indicated broad concessions for the discontinuation of the controversial natural gas wells off the Greek islands and Cyprus. The EU states promised Turkey an expansion of the customs union as well as talks at a high level and to make travel easier for Turkish citizens. Turkey withdrew from the Istanbul Convention last week by decree of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The decision met with sharp criticism at home and abroad.


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