Frauenfeld: Former town clerk charged with election fraud


“Based on the findings of the investigation, the public prosecutor brought charges against the former town clerk of the city of Frauenfeld on March 24, 2021,” said the Thurgau public prosecutor’s press release on Friday. The man is accused of voting fraud. This affected the general council elections on March 15, 2020 in the canton of Thurgau. At that time around a hundred ballot papers from the Green Liberals were replaced with unchanged ballot papers from the SVP. The election result had to be corrected afterwards, the SVP handing over a seat to the Green Liberals.

The public prosecutor’s office is applying for a conditionally enforceable prison sentence of 15 months and a fine of 3000 francs for the former town clerk for qualified electoral fraud. The indictment was referred to the appropriate court this week. A negotiation date has not yet been set.

The green liberals would have liked a higher penalty demand. “At first glance, the sentence is mild,” says Andreas D. Schelling, President of the Green Liberals of the Frauenfeld district to 20 minutes. But the evidence is presumably thin. The evidence is clear to him and he expects punishment. Schelling criticizes the hesitant start of the investigation and suspects that there is now a lack of solid evidence in this context. The green liberals should have maintained the pressure by means of appeals so that the matter is not swept under the table, Schelling said last summer to 20 minutes.

«The accused denies the allegations. The presumption of innocence applies until the criminal proceedings are finally concluded, ”the public prosecutor wrote at the end of the media release on Friday. The city of Frauenfeld announced in a separate media communiqué that it had taken note of the indictment. We apologize to the population and those directly affected. “Whether the town clerk at the time acted as the attorney general accused him of, will have to be examined by a court. The city council has so far had no evidence that this has happened. ” The city clerk had given up his position at the end of October 2020. “He is leaving the city of Frauenfeld at his own request to turn to something new,” said a message in early August 2020.

Article 282 of the Swiss Criminal Code states:

1. Anyone who falsifies, falsifies, eliminates or destroys a voting register,
anyone who takes part in an election or vote or in a referendum or initiative request without authorization,
anyone who falsifies the result of an election, a vote or a collection of signatures to exercise the referendum or the initiative, in particular by adding, changing, omitting or deleting ballot papers or signatures, by incorrectly counting or untrue certification of the result,
is punished with imprisonment of up to three years or a fine.

2. If the offender acts in an official capacity, the imprisonment is up to three years or the fine is not less than 30 daily rates. A fine can be combined with the custodial sentence.

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Frauenfeld town clerk charged election fraud


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