Free boost for electric Porsches: That’s how fast the Taycan runs after the update


from Josef Reitberger am 24.03.2021

Starting today, Porsche workshops will install a software update on Taycans built in 2019 and 2020 on request. In addition to bug fixes and small improvements, the update brings cool new functions – and even better performance for the top model Turbo S.

While Tesla focuses on the maximum possible centralization of controller performance in the car and amazes experts with the electronics architecture, around one hundred control units work together in a complex network in the Porsche Taycan. Some of these computers have been able to be updated via the cellular network since the market launch (this is called over-the-air updates, OTA for short): Navigation and charging network data are the most obvious examples of regular refreshments. Components such as ABS control and other safety-relevant functions, on the other hand, should not be configurable or remotely controllable. In between there is a whole range of control units in the Taycan, for which Porsche now enables the update capability with a large software lookup free of charge for customers.

Porsche uses the software to update countless control units in the car

Porsche AGPorsche uses the software to update countless control units in the car

Overnight update

The new software is installed in the Porsche workshop – most customers will probably decide to have it done as part of an inspection. The update process can take up to ten hours, but does not require any human interaction and is free of charge for the customer: ideally, this can happen overnight. Incidentally, if you don’t want the new software, you simply won’t have it installed. With the new version, the prerequisites have been created to simply install further updates via the cellular network.

Select and buy options directly in the car

For example, there are now software components called Function-on-Demand that were first announced with the introduction of the basic Taycan: Power Steering Plus, adaptive range management, Lane Keeping Assist and the new Porsche InnoDrive cruise control After the update, the owner can test it free of charge for three months – and then book it permanently for an additional charge. The necessary sensors, actuators and computing power are in every Taycan, so in the case of InnoDrive, software is actually only activated for over 3,000 euros.

Improved loading planning for the trip

Porsche AGImproved loading planning for the trip

Now 9.6 seconds for 0-200 km / h

The new software also affects the powertrain. Dr. Robert Meier, as Director Product Line responsible for the Taycan series, explained the background to in an interview: The power control in the top model Taycan Turbo S has thus far followed a conservative line, the pessimistic assumptions for the battery voltage under maximum power requirement is based on. The programming of the power electronics has now been refined, the motors can draw their maximum currents for longer. With the software update, the Turbo S should continue to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, but the top model now sprints up to 200 km / h in 9.6 instead of 9.8 seconds.

New battery-saving charging mode with a maximum of 200 kW can be selected.

CHIP Studios / EFAHRERNew battery-saving charging mode with a maximum of 200 kW can be selected.

New gentle cycle for 800 volt charging

When it comes to the charging strategy, Porsche is taking the opposite path with the update: While the cars have previously always used 800-volt fast chargers such as Ionity with the maximum possible power of up to 270 kW, the driver can now signal to the car that the charging stop can take a little longer – for example because lunch is planned. The maximum charging power is then reduced to 200 kW, which should protect the battery and save energy. Dr. Meier, it is important to emphasize that the background is not about knowledge about premature battery aging – if you want that, you can continue to use the full power every time you stop charging and still retain the unrestricted guarantee from Porsche.

Updates for Carplay and chassis

Countless minor improvements have been incorporated into the software update. The support of wireless carplay for iPhones is visible, while the location-dependent control of the level control is practical: if the driver raises the chassis to overcome underground car park entrances or traffic calming bumps, he can touch the GPS position and the Taycan will automatically move to the apron and underbody-friendly setting of the air suspension at this point the next time.

Retrofitted Tesla flexibility

With the major software update, Porsche is getting closer to Tesla’s peculiarities: The subsequent booking of extras that the Americans have been offering for the assistance functions for a long time, however, electrifies the entire auto industry: For example, BMW has also included Operating system provided the possibility of purchasing additional functions.

The fact that you can update a 2019 Taycan to the status of 2021 is undoubtedly a good thing. But it will be exciting to see whether Porsche will keep the supply of fresh software for as long as the supply of spare parts for its classic sports cars.

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Free boost electric Porsches fast Taycan runs update


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