Free corona rapid tests in front of the Karlsruhe fan pool


Cooperation with practice

Since this Saturday (March 27th) you can get a free test for Corona once a week in front of the Karlsruhe Fächerbad. The quick tests are carried out by trained employees of the practice in Karlsruhe.

Contact point for tests: At the Karlsruher Fächerbad everyone can be tested for Corona free of charge once a week. (Archive photo)

Photo: Thomas Riedel

A cooperation between the fan pool and the fan city Praxis Karlsruhe makes the test station possible, according to a press release. “We have been working successfully with the fan pool for a long time, we run aqua courses and use the seminar room for conferences, so the fan pool was our first point of contact to implement the project,” says Jan-Eric Ensslin, the head of the fan city practice.

No registration needed

It is not necessary to register for the test. On site, those willing to test must identify themselves and fill out a registration form. The test result is known about 15 minutes after the smear in the nose and throat.

In the event of a positive corona test, the health department will be informed and the result must be confirmed by a PCR test. The rapid tests are part of the country’s testing strategy.

So that we can press ahead with opening up our bathrooms as quickly as possible.
Oliver Sternagel, managing director of Fächerbad Karlsruhe GmbH

“It’s about recognizing infections more quickly and giving people more security so that we can push ahead with opening up our pools as quickly as possible,” said the managing director of Fächerbad Karlsruhe GmbH, Oliver Sternagel, when presenting the concept.

Further information and opening times of the test station: or at

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Free corona rapid tests front Karlsruhe fan pool


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