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Status: 05.03.2021 8:48 p.m.

The free tests should start next week. Kiel has already presented specific plans.

Once a week a free quick test for everyone: Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already announced this for the beginning of the month – and nothing came of it at first. But now it should actually start next week. In Kiel there is the test center at the boat harbor, in which everyone should be able to be tested for the corona virus free of charge once a week from Monday. This should make the opening steps possible, said Mayor Ulf K Merger (SPD): “After the month-long lockdown, we are looking forward to the first opening steps, which we combine with free rapid tests and thus improve the conditions that the number of infections does not increase in the course of the opening. ” The need for the construction of further test stations will be examined in the coming days.

Test capacities are to be expanded across the country

If you want to be tested, you have to identify yourself and ensure that you only take one test per week. The city is making an advance payment for the tests and then wants to invoice the federal government for them. The Ministry of Health in Kiel is currently working with the municipalities to expand the free rapid test capacities – throughout Schleswig-Holstein by the beginning of April.

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