Free nose pick tests as good as out of stock


There are five CoV self-tests per person per month, provided you are registered with the ELGA electronic health record – and if you still get some, because in many places the tests are already out of stock: “I would say that two thirds of the pharmacies have nothing left in stock , a third may still have some stocks left, ”said the Styrian Chamber of Pharmacists, Gerhard Kobinger.

Supplies are on their way

You can buy self-tests in pharmacies everywhere now, too. The free sets should be replenished in a few days, says the Graz pharmacist Johannes Lembeck: “Nobody needs to worry, there are ongoing tests. We expect a delivery this week, and the volume will be much larger from next week. “

No charter

In any case, performing a self-test is not difficult: insert the test stick 2.5 centimeters into each nostril, turn it over five times, insert it into the test tube, stir the liquid in it for 30 seconds, finally apply 4 drops to the test cassette, wait a few minutes, that’s it – More on this in the start of the semester: Pupil explains CoV tests (02/14/2021).

The self-test is not a license to be reckless, because it does not offer 100 percent security, but “everyone you fish out is helped, and so you can prevent further spread,” says Medical Association President Kobinger.

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Free nose pick tests good stock


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