Fritz Wepper: Good news in the fight against cancer: “The metastases are declining”


Fritz Wepper has good news in the fight against cancer: The metastases are receding. Dog Aaron, who is also ill, is always at his side.

Fritz Wepper (79) is one of the most famous actors in Germany. Whether in TV hits like “Der Kommissar”, “Derrick” or “Um Himmels Willen”: The Munich native is loved by the audience for his roles. One of his trademarks is his constant humor, which has often accompanied him through the ups and downs of life. At the beginning of 2019, he had to say goodbye to his wife Angela Wepper († 76), who died of a cerebral hemorrhage after falling down stairs. At the beginning of the year it was discovered that Wepper had skin cancer himself. In an interview with “Bild”, the popular actor commented on his illness and gave the first all-clear.

Her death was an incredible stroke of fate. In the video below you can see pictures of the last appearances of Fritz Wepper’s beloved wife Angela.

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Fritz Wepper announces progress in the fight against skin cancer

In the past year, doctors had already discovered something in him that was “suspicious of cancer”, reports Wepper according to “” and continues: “They could not locate the cancer, that is, this melanoma.” But metastases were found that were probably triggered by it. These are now treated with immune infusions. “That will be done for a whole year,” said the TV star.

Wepper emphasized that he was on the mend: “The metastases are declining,” says the actor, relieved. The doctors called him and told him that there were no other abnormalities. “This is very good news that makes me breathe deeply emotionally,” said Wepper.


Fritz Wepper

Fritz Wepper
The stroke of fate that changed my life
Fritz Wepper was retired and his series “Um Himmels Willen” was discontinued. The actor explains how much it hurts him and how things will go on from now on.

Strong together: his dog Aaron also has cancer

He receives emotional support from his Aaron, a German Wirehaired Pointer, who is always by his side. He also always liked to take it with him to filming. He shares the diagnosis with him because Aaron is also suffering from cancer: “Unfortunately, he also has metastases,” says Fritz Wepper. However, they cannot be treated away, but only slowed down growth with the help of drugs. “He’s my best friend,” emphasizes the widower.

He missed his late wife very much, as he further confesses in the interview. But she is always with him, he is sure of that: “I will talk to her, wish her a good morning and say goodbye in the evening, say good night. This is a spiritual dialogue that still exists.” At the moment the last season of his ARD series “Um Himmel Willen” is running, which will be discontinued after almost 20 years. The series end was a big surprise for him: “It wasn’t easy for me to accept it,” admits the 79-year-old.

The pictures of the funeral service for his beloved wife Angela are moving! In the video below you can see Fritz Wepper doing what is probably his hardest walk.

The hardest course: On the way to the funeral service, Fritz Wepper and his daughter give each other support



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Fritz Wepper Good news fight cancer metastases declining


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