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Ahmed Abdul Wahab runs his business there. His way to his own shop in Germany’s easternmost city was not an easy one. Ahmed Abdul Wahab had a business in his home country of Syria, and his father also ran a factory there that fills food.

But at some point the problems became too much for his family. Civil war has raged in the country since 2011. The father went to Egypt with his company to escape the war. When his first child was born with epilepsy and could not receive adequate medical care in Syria, he decided to leave his home country. Five years ago he came to Germany with his child and his wife and initially lived in a refugee shelter in Dresden. Like his wife, he took a language course, found work with a parcel service, and came to Görlitz. The son unfortunately died in Germany, and a daughter born here also suffered from the disease and eventually died of it. Ahmed Abdul Wahab is now the happy father of another daughter who has no health problems.

The desire to have his own shop remained. Because it came true a few months ago. On the one hand, he imports his goods from Egypt. Obviously, the father still runs his company there. It was also his father who lent him the money to set up his own business in Germany. He purchases fresh goods – fruit, vegetables, meat – from other traders. His wife helps him with the bookkeeping, and he has a clerk who works in the front of the store. “I now have customers who come here from Bautzen and even from Dresden,” says Ahmed Abdul Wahab. That’s why he’s also working on an online shop that is due to go online soon.

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