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From Ulrike Timm

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King Céphas Bansah on his throne in Ghana. (ZDF / Marcus Winterbauer)

Céphas Bansah is a Ghanaian king with a car repair shop in the Palatinate, where he lives with his daughter Katharina. She should follow him to the throne. The documentary “King Bansah and his daughter” is the film tip from “taz” and “Tagesspiegel”.

No, that is not a terrace, terraces are defined differently. Manuel Müller found out about this from the NZZ in an inn high up in the Swiss Alps. In the pandemic, terms are juggled. And the bar tables outside don’t invite you to linger for a beer?

“These three aluminum frames, it’s easy to be mistaken, but on closer inspection it must become clear to the connoisseur: They are to be understood as pandemic ready-mades. Last but not least, note the no-frills barrier tape, which is solely committed to practicability.”

The Swiss colleague cautiously leaves open whether he did get a beer after all. But we now know what can be attributed to so-called “Swiss pragmatism”. Some want to register it as “intangible world heritage”.

How the “Cinemalovers” want to save the art house cinema

Not only the best, but something really good out of the modest overall situation at the moment, several clairvoyant program cinema operators have made. “Cinemalovers” struggles with streaming for arthouse cinemas as an institution and as an aesthetic idea, we read in the HE DOES.

The committed cineastes want to counter the established streaming services with their own digital offering, but which “also refers back to their own cinema room”, explains Miklosch Horn from Filmhaus Nürnberg. In Potsdam, a program in honor of the screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase and “Nightwatching” is currently being shown on this special platform by Peter Greenaway as a counterpart to a Rembrandt exhibition in the neighboring Museum Barberini.

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“Cinemalovers provides a basic stock of films every month, the rest is curated by the cinemas on site.” The idea is that your own, distinctive program can bind the audience to the home cinema, both online and hopefully soon back in the auditorium. Presence and platform should complement each other. Possibly a step in a good direction for a cinema landscape that is facing a change even without the pandemic.

King Bansah and his daughter

A film that both TAZ as well as the DAY MIRROR recommend, the “Cinemalovers” could actually add to their repertoire. “King Bansah and his daughter” has already won a prize at the Hof Film Festival for the best documentary contribution.

Céphas Bansah is King of the Ewe in West Africa. In his German life, the 70-year-old has been running a car repair shop in the Palatinate for many years. The focus of the film is not on exotic clichés, but rather on “the unbiased view of the life of an African who juggles with two cultures and his daughter who was born in Germany,” we read.

Daughter Katharina will probably succeed him as queen, but in this country she always feels like a “foreign body”. “Although she is German, with the ‘complete program’, as she says: German Wine Route, Helmut Kohl, vacation on the Baltic Sea and in the Allgäu. ‘If you want to be white, you have to go to Ghana,’ says her brother Carlo dry.”

The from TAZ how DAY MIRROR Recommended film runs on ZDF – at midnight. But there is the media library. Maybe the “Cinemalovers” soon too?

Was Jesus a Working Child?

Let’s take a quick look at that WORLD. Jan Grossarth accompanied deacon Werner Kießig, who runs the pastoral helpline of “Radio Horeb”. This is a very special channel for the minority of very Catholic Catholics in the Brandenburg diaspora.

An impressive encounter, because the warm-hearted, wise deacon takes care of the really big questions: “Was Jesus a working-class child? And how do you react when an acquaintance cheats on his wife?”

Two things the WORLD-Author took away from this special encounter, let’s pass it on to get the Holy Week off to a good start: “Sometimes everything is different before God.” And: “The Holy Spirit comes like a roar and he goes when he wants.”

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