From the second week of March onwards, around 100 medical practices in Berlin will be vaccinating against corona



The new vaccination ordinance enables the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians to get medical practices on board when vaccinating against COVID-19. From the second week of March, practices in addition to the vaccination centers and the mobile vaccination teams should also be able to vaccinate against corona. Initially, around 100 practices are to begin vaccination in the first phase. These include diabetological and oncological practices as well as general practitioners’ practices. The comprehensive inclusion of all medical practices will then be prepared in one step, as the KV Berlin announced.
“We start with a few model practices to run through the processes, and as soon as sufficient vaccine arrives in Berlin, we will gradually include all other practices in the vaccination process,” says the KV board. This called for the practice to be involved in vaccinating the population since the beginning of the year. Many practices have already reported that they want to be present at the vaccination, according to the KV. Preparations are currently ongoing, but it can be assumed that vaccinations in the practices will start at the end of the second week of March.

Vaccinations for existing patients

At the beginning, the vaccine from AstraZeneca will probably be inoculated in the practices. Depending on the delivery volume of the vaccines, further vaccines from other manufacturers could follow. The approximately 100 Berlin practices in the pilot project will carry out the vaccinations according to the prioritization specifications of the vaccination ordinance. Depending on the amount of vaccine delivered, the doctors will only invite existing patients who, according to the vaccination ordinance, suffer from a chronic illness and are between 18 and 64 years old.
“As soon as sufficient vaccine is available, which was announced for the end of March or beginning of April, and the patients have been vaccinated within the framework of Paragraph 3, Paragraph 2 of the Vaccination Ordinance, the KV Berlin demands that everyone in the practices can be vaccinated who wants this, “says the KV. It is important that the vaccination against the coronavirus is treated as normally as quickly as all other protective vaccinations. To do this, it is necessary to reduce the bureaucracy of the processes that exist under the leadership of the federal and state governments. “As soon as the vaccine stores are full, the outpatient structures should be used to their full extent in order to ensure that the population is vaccinated quickly,” explains KV Berlin.

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