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After a six-month pilot phase: New service offers for everything to do with renovation – the contact point goes into regular operation and is being expanded

Vienna (OTS) If the facade is poorly insulated or the heating system is showing its age, then renovation is called for. But where do you start and how do you continue? The answers to this have been available since October 2020 at “Hauskunft”.

The new and special: “Hauskunft” is a free service point for everything to do with renovation. As “renovation advice for houses with a future”, she accompanies everyone who wants to renovate houses, regardless of whether they are single or multi-family houses, with or without funding. The tailor-made renovation service is now being expanded further.

“The ‘Hauskunft’ is a free contact point for everyone who wants to renovate houses in Vienna. With the new online advice service, it now offers an even better service. Starting in early summer, the experts will also use the ‘Future Check’ to get an overview of the specific renovation project on site, ”explains Vice Mayor and Councilor for Housing, Kathrin Gaal. “Our goal is that everyone who wants to renovate houses in Vienna is supported with a tailor-made all-round service in order to make their houses climate-friendly and fit for the future,” says Gaal.

“In order to achieve the energy and climate goals of the City of Vienna in the building sector, the renovation rate of the existing buildings must increase sharply. The “Hauskunft” service point offers all owners comprehensive advice on renovating their homes. We hope that many will take advantage of this offer so that we can achieve our ambitious goals ”, says Selma Arapovic, housing spokeswoman for NEOS Vienna.

New online advice from now on and on-site “future check” from May

The “Hauskunft” now also offers Online advice to – by appointment.

In addition to personal advice (only after registering by phone and if this is possible due to the current COVID situation), the telephone callback service and online orientation advice, the “Hauskunft” will be offering from May “Future Check” on. Whether windows, roofs or building services, the “home rental” experts get an idea of ​​the situation on site and give concrete decision-making aids for renovation that is tailored to the building.

Free and practical: 150 consultations in the pilot phase

Since October 1, 2020, the “Hauskunft” has been offering free advice to anyone interested in renovating their own home, apartment building or condominium in Vienna. In the pilot phase, the house rental experts have already held 150 consultations.

It has been shown that the inquiries mainly revolve around topics such as heating replacement, photovoltaics, thermal insulation and the various funding options. Gregor Puscher, managing director of wohnfonds_wien, and Nicole Büchl, who will take over the management of “Hauskunft” from April, therefore say: “Good advice in advance can help to define the potential and weak points of a building and to optimize costs. The wide range of subsidies leads to sustainable relief for those willing to renovate. ”In April, the contact point for questions about renovation will be taken over by the wohnfonds_wien and the offers are constantly being expanded.

Thanks to “Hauskunft”, single-family homes are fit for the next generation

The B. family has already taken advantage of the first orientation advice at the “home rental”. The young family wants to renovate their mother’s single-family home in Meidling and make it fit for the next generations. The planned extensive renovation with adaptation of the room layout is challenging, in the end it should be a new home for the whole family. “There are currently high heating costs and the building is getting on in years. We want to find a sustainable solution to create a modern home for us and our children “, describe Jaqueline S. and Robert B.” With our plan, we feel that we are in good hands with the ‘home’. The first consultation already helped us enormously and we will continue to use the other service offers in order to be as well informed as possible. “

The apartment owner and architect received advice on insulation and funding

The apartment owner and architect Doris Burtscher has also taken advice from the home. She is committed to the thermal and energetic renovation of the house in Hietzing, which she lives with five other owners. “In order to be able to make decisions in a condominium, you need well-elaborated proposals. Information on funding is an important part of this. I am happy to have found a central point of contact for this information, ”emphasizes Doris Burtscher.

“Hauskunft: The renovation advice for houses with a future.”

Advice from “Hauskunft” is free, company-independent and individual. The technical experts do not only concentrate on one area of ​​the building, but they provide comprehensive and customized information. They explain structural relationships and possible renovation measures. Owners of single and multi-family houses and condominiums are welcome, as are architects, planners and property managers.

Advice by appointment

Those interested in renovation can quickly and easily contact “Hauskunft”. The hotline advisors refer an expert and clarify whether the consultation can take place over the phone or online.

Home hotline: 01 402 84 00
Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

E-Mail-Address: [email protected]

The “home information” is located in the forumwohnfonds_wien forum (8th, Schmidgasse 3 / Lenaugasse (corner bar)).

All information and the newsletter are available at / Ende

Inquiries & contact:

Gerda Mackerle
Media spokeswoman
Vice Mayor Kathrin Gaal
Tel.: 0676/8118 81983

Ralph Waldhauser
Head of Communication NEOS Club
in the Vienna City Hall
Tel.: 0664 849 15 40

Nicole Büchl
Corporate communication & home accommodation
Tel.: 01 403 5919 86669

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