Galaxy S10 falling in price: Here you can get the Samsung phone at a bargain price



You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 at a fraction of the release price thanks to the drop in prices. We’ll show you which retailer is currently offering you the best price.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will soon celebrate its second birthday. The cell phone has been available in Germany since March 8, 2019. Nonetheless, the cell phone doesn’t look old-fashioned in terms of design or technology. The age of the Galaxy S10 is quite different: the price of the cell phone is falling ever lower.

At the market launch, the standard version with 128 gigabytes of memory cost you 899 euros. Now you can find the smartphone more and more often for less than 500 euros. We’ll show you in the overview which offers are currently the best for the Galaxy S10.

In our large comparison, we explain to you how the phones of the Galaxy S10 series differ.

To buy or not to buy?

If you are looking for a technically well-equipped mobile phone at an affordable price, you can hardly go wrong with the Galaxy S10. The smartphone offers enough power for everyday life and the camera still takes decent pictures today. In addition, the manufacturer should even give the phones in the range an update to Android 12.

Samsung Galaxy S20 im Test
That’s how good the new Samsung phone is

In the test of the Samsung Galaxy S20, we show strengths and weaknesses, give an overview of the drop in prices, upcoming updates and the best alternatives.

If the Galaxy S10 is not enough for you, you should opt for the successor. In direct comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S20 offers a more sophisticated camera and a longer-lasting battery. In addition, the successor to the Galaxy S10 has also gone through a big drop in prices.

Other alternatives

A good middle ground between the S10 and S20 is the Galaxy S10 Lite. In the purchase check we reveal why the mobile phone has a lot more to offer than the suffix “Lite” initially suggests.

If, on the other hand, you would rather get another smartphone, we recommend our large smartphone buying guide.

Never miss a deal again

Dealers such as Media Markt, Amazon or Saturn come up with countless deals every day. It’s difficult to keep track of things. Netzwelt checks the offers of various dealers for you at regular intervals.

We’ll tell you whether and how much you really save with the alleged bargain and whether the purchase of the device is worthwhile. Current deals can be found in our “Bargains” section. In order not to miss a deal, you can also subscribe to our bargain newsletter.

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