Georgina Fleur: separation despite baby


Although the scandalous couple are expecting a child, reality star Georgina, 30, is now alone again …

Georgina Fleur & Kubilay Özdemir: Baby-Hammer!

I guess that’s it with him Happy End! After it became known only a few weeks ago that Georgina Fleur and Kubilay Özdemir were expecting offspring, it looked as if the two had met again pulled together.

But after one wild party night with Guilia Siegel it’s all over again. What exactly happened remains nebulous, but apparently there was even another one tangible argument! In his Instagram story, Kubi shared a picture of himself bleeding hand and claimed that his on-off girlfriend was behind it.

Georgina wants fame ?! I leave you!

he announced.

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Georgina Fleur: dispute with Kubilay escalates

The former “The Bachelor” candidate also reported on the network later and revealed that Kubi had been back a few days earlier unannounced turned up at her place in Dubai. After his boozy evening with Guilia Siegel, the situation really escalated. “I was already at home and had nothing to do with it”, explains Georgina.

The problem was that afterwards Kubi came to me and gave me hell, and I had 30 hours of psychological terror.

You have since then just cried and only accepted him out of pity. “I’m sad and get crying attacks and crying fits all the time because it was all so violent”she concludes.

Would she like him after this argument? one more time will take back? We can be curious …

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Georgina Fleur separation baby


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