German U21s are pushing for leadership! Romania – Germany in the live ticker


40. Minute – Yellow card

Catalin Mihai Itu

Catalin Mihai Itu

Itu stops a German counterattack against Klimowicz at the center line and rightly sees the yellow card.

39. MinuteBaku finds Berisha on the edge of the box, but the Salzburger’s shot is blocked. The German team stays tuned and pushes for the lead.

36. MinuteAfter Romania found their way into the game better and had the first two finishes of the game, the last six shots on goal went to the account of the German team, who have now clearly taken command and have 67 percent possession. Incidentally, Arne Maier can continue for the time being.

33. MinuteArne Maier on the ground! The German captain must be treated on the right foot. The game is currently suspended.

31. MinuteNice attack by the German team, which is now much better in the game: Pieper plays a wide diagonal ball on the left side to Berisha, who finds Baku in the center with his cross, but who can no longer get close to the ball and over from eight meters decapitates the gate.

28. Minute – Yellow card

Razvan Oaida

Razvan Oaida

First yellow card of the game: Oaida comes too late in midfield against Dorsch and keeps his foot over it.

26. MinuteBerisha tries to surprise Vlad with a free kick from the left-hand position and pulls the ball straight onto the goal. But Vlad has been careful and grabs safely.

24. MinuteGreat opportunity for Klimowicz! Berisha sends the Stuttgarter steep with a perfect pass. The offensive midfielder runs freely towards Vlad and overlaps the keeper. The scream stuck in the throat of the Germans. Pascanu has rushed back and can just clear before the line.

21. MinuteFirst chance for the DFB-Elf: Raum brings a corner from the left into the center. Schlotterbeck screwed himself the highest, but did not get the ball properly pushed onto the far corner. So Berisha comes a hair closer to the long post. The gate would have been practically empty.

19. MinuteBit symptomatic of the German game so far: Maier takes a free kick quickly, but Baku did not expect it and a Romanian can intervene.

16. MinuteGood action by Raum, which strongly asserts itself against Oaida on the half-left. The following flank is blocked, however.

14. MinuteAfter a nice diagonal ball, Matan brings the ball down well and then plays half-right on Olaru, who bounces off the ball when receiving the ball. So the chance is gone.

11. MinuteIt’s a troubled start in the Bozsik Arena in Budapest. Romania has so far been a bit more grippy and purposeful. Germany has a pass rate of 92 percent, but nothing arrives in the last third.

8. MinuteMaier plays a good pass to Berisha in depth and he wants to put the heel on Klimowicz, but Vladoiu is in between.

5. MinuteBig chance for Romania! Harut crosses sharply from the right into the middle. Pieper clears exactly in front of the feet of Matan, who hits a hook on the left in the penalty area and then flicks his inside on the far corner. Dahmen is beaten, but the ball slaps from the right inside post back into the field. Luck for Germany!

2. MinuteFirst attack by the German team on the right side, but Baku’s attempt on the flank is blocked.


1. MinuteKick-off! The game is on!

Before the game startsThe teams are now in line-up and the anthems are playing. Soon it will start!

Before the game startsThe referee of the game is Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez, his assistants are Jorge Canelo Prieto and Jose Enrique Naranjo Perez. The fourth official is Adam Farkas.

Before the game startsAgainst the Elftal, as at the start against Hungary (3-0), the offensive game was problematic for long stretches. Although the DFB juniors earned a higher proportion of the game, especially after the restart, the equalizer came quite late and a little happily. The German selection is still looking for a constant offensive game in vain.

Before the game startsFor the DFB juniors, however, a draw is enough in the final group game, but the Netherlands could then overtake the German team if they beat Hungary. Stefan Kuntz will let his team play for victory in the Bozsik Arena in Budapest, after a rather poor performance against the Netherlands (1: 1) the German team still has to show that they really have the status of tournament favorites.

Before the game startsWith a 1-1 draw against the Netherlands at the start, the Romanians in Group A made the competition sit up and take notice, but the homogeneous but not exactly star-studded team of ex-star striker Mutu then only struggled to a 2-1 against the Hungarians. The starting position remains excellent, but the Romanians need a win due to the poor goal relationship with Germany to be safely in the quarter-finals.

Before the game startsAdrian Mutu swaps after the 2-1 win against the Hungarians on five positions: On the defensive Vladoiu replaces Boboc, in the center also Dulca and Oaida start for Marin and Morutan. Itu also replaces Ciobanu on the offensive, and Petre starts for Ganea in the attack.

Before the game startsDie rumänen kontern mit folgender Formation: Vlad – Vladoiu, Pascanu, Ciobotariu – Harut, Itu, Dulca, Oaida, Olaru – Petre, Matan.

Before the game startsStefan Kuntz swaps in two positions after the 1: 1 against the Netherlands: Raum is allowed to play on the left wing again for Jakobs, Klimowicz starts on the offensive for Özcan.

Before the game startsLet’s start with the constellations. Germany relies on the following formation: Dahmen – Vagnoman, Pieper, Schlotterbeck, Raum – Dorsch, Maier – Baku, Berisha, Klimowicz – Nmecha.

Before the game startsDecision about group victory in Group A: Germany or Romania, the winner of the game will certainly go first to the knockout round in summer, but if both teams are defeated, both teams could be overtaken by the Dutch playing at the same time. Here we go!

Before the game startsWelcome to the 3rd matchday of the U21 European Championship in Group A between Germany and Romania.

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