German vaccination disaster! “We don’t yet know how we will get through April”


Vaccination disaster continues: Germany longs for the prick, but countries are hoarding valuable vaccines

Vaccination campaign paradox: While the corona vaccine is scarce in some cities, it is dumped in Berlin and elsewhere or is hoarded for the second vaccination. Politicians and doctors are now calling for the vaccine to be as good as possible. One thing is clear: the federal government’s current vaccination strategy lags far behind the current problem.

Jürgen Zastrow would love to rush into the production facilities of the Swedish-English corona vaccine manufacturer Astrazeneca with a Leopard-type tank in order to hijack doses of the vaccine. At least the quantities that were promised to the EU and Germany but not delivered. The Cologne vaccination doctor in charge observed the slow progress in virus immunization with concern.

In the vaccination center in Cologne’s exhibition hall 4, many chairs are still empty. “We currently have a capacity utilization of 40 percent,” reports Zastrow in an interview with FOCUS Online. Astrazeneca has not yet received a delivery promise for April. The state government expects supplies of the serum to run out this week because 180,000 fewer doses are being delivered. “We don’t yet know how we will get through April,” says the Cologne doctor.

Against this background, Zastrow has only limited understanding of the tactics of the NRW Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann to reserve part of the deliveries for second vaccinations. The CDU politician had contradicted “false reports” on Tuesday, according to which “vaccine doses” would be dumped. According to his forecast, the stocks of Astrazeneca (around 107,320 cans) and Moderna (142,360 cans) in the most populous federal state will be used up by the weekend.

Of the almost 550,000 Biontech units available, 279,000 are reserved for second vaccinations.

Only 70 percent of their capacities: the vaccination disaster continues

Vaccine doctor Zastrow vehemently calls for stocks to be abandoned and the available funds to be injected immediately. “The first vaccination from Biontech already offers basic protection of 70 to 80 percent, the second time the immune rate increases to 95 percent.” have no basic protection at all “.

After Easter, family doctors will also take part in the vaccination campaign. It looks like the practices will initially only get 20 doses per week. A manageable amount.

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The vaccination disaster continues and writes further abstruse chapters. There is still a lack of vaccine. Nationwide, the vaccination centers only use up to 70 percent of their capacities. At the same time, however, the federal states are hoarding around four million cans. On the one hand to be able to serve the planned vaccination appointments, on the other hand for the second anti-virus prick.

Saxony, the state with high incidence values, initially stored around half of the Biontech and Moderna contingents. For fear of delivery bottlenecks, federal states such as Bavaria (20 percent), Lower Saxony (26 percent) and North Rhine-Westphalia (30 percent) have not yet used some of their vaccination depots.

In Berlin, those entitled can choose which vaccine they want. And so the Biontech appointment calendar in the vaccination center Berlin-Tegel overflows. On the other hand, the reservations about Astrazeneca tore so many gaps in the bookings that the Senate Administration has now passed 34,000 doses of the agent on to resident doctors. From April 7th, the vaccination center wants to do without the Astrazeneca substance. As the “Tagesspiegel” reports, the preparation is so unpopular on the Spree that a total of 100,000 cans are waiting for a buyer.

Cologne would like to have surplus Astrazeneca supplies from Berlin

Certainly an alarm signal, but to speak of a nationwide trend would be just as difficult as bringing about a joint lockdown decision by all 16 federal states. The problem does not arise in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt / Main or Munich. The appointment books with Astrezenaca are full. This resulted in a FOCUS online inquiry. If, for example, the Erkrath vaccination center in the Mettmann district was still complaining about cancellations due to Astrazeneca at the end of February, the problem has subsided. “There are long waiting lists, we just don’t have a vaccine,” said a spokeswoman.

In Cologne, one would love to take over the surplus Astrazeneca supplies from Berlin. “With the short-term vaccination stop with the agent alone, 8,000 bookings had to be canceled,” said a city spokesman. In the meantime, however, the backlog has been made up. There are no reservations about Astrazeneca: Neither teachers, police officers or other authorized persons from the priority list.

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And there is a simple reason for this, explains the Cologne vaccination doctor Zastrow: “With us, people get a vaccination offer with Astrazeneca or they have to go home again without being immunized.” According to him, overhangs are immediately passed on to other people Prioritization groups inoculated. Zastrow: “The next one is already in the pipeline, in Cologne alone there are 10,000 people who have authorization and a code, but have not yet had an appointment because there is no vaccine.”

The same is the question of whether the current immunization strategy and its prioritization list still fit the current problems.

District Administrator Pusch: “In view of the corona mutants, vaccinate whatever it takes”

Heinsberg on Friday. The district went down in the annals a good year ago as the first corona hotspot. District Administrator Stephan Pusch doesn’t mince his words. The Union politician has repeatedly publicly counted his own party when it came to the vaccine procurement fiasco. In contrast to the big cities, he noticed a greater “reluctance” towards Astrazeneca in his district. “There are numerous cancellations at the vaccination center.” That is why the district passed the offers for the prick on to the next group. These include seriously ill people with the highest care level five. “The existing substance will definitely be inoculated,” assures Pusch.

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In view of the precarious situation, he proposes a paradigm shift. “From my point of view, it would make more sense to give the Astrazeneca drug to older age groups, and at the same time to inject other vaccines into younger people.” In this context, Pusch points out that the Swedish-English preparation causes stronger side effects in some younger women in particular. At the same time, the CDU district administrator “no longer understands who is receiving which vaccine and for what reasons”. In this context, Pusch voted in favor of dissolving the vaccine reserves, “and in view of the corona mutants, vaccinating whatever it takes”. Coupled with the hope that the announced wave of deliveries will start in the second quarter of the year.

After all, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) expects between 70.5 and 73.5 million corona vaccine doses for Germany. In the first quarter, just over a third of the volume in this country came together.

In the second quarter of the year, more than ten million doses of the vaccine from the US manufacturer Johnson & Johnson are also expected to land in Germany. In contrast to the previously used vaccines, only one unit against the virus is required. The bunker mentality in some federal states would then be obsolete anyway. However, as a precaution, Spahn’s authority provided these delivery numbers with question marks. As with the announcement of the lottery numbers, the information was without guarantee.

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