Germany: Alcoholics Anonymous feel more demand in Corona crisis – Bavaria


The second advantage of the video meeting is the low-threshold entry. “I don’t have to get up and go wherever and be face to face.” In addition, you can leave an online meeting quickly. “I can click in and when I have the feeling that I can’t take it anymore, I press the button.”

The fact that people take part in video switching and do not show their faces is not welcome, says the spokesman, who himself claims to have been dry for 40 years. Then there could easily be abuse, people could watch the meetings and do mischief. Those affected, who may be emotionally stressed, would be disturbed by it.

Basically, the number of participants has tended to decline in recent years. “I have the impression that we are growing now.” The spokesman does not think that people are drinking significantly more in the pandemic. “We drink with and without Corona.” Now the pub and the pizzeria are closed and people are buying alcohol in the supermarket.

Working in the home office can have advantages and disadvantages for drinkers. In some companies it is common for employees to “open a bottle at 9 o’clock”. The wife, for example, only sees what the husband drinks at home in the evening. “In the home office, the woman is now practically behind him and he can no longer drink.” But there are also people for whom alcohol is not possible during working hours, and who are now sitting alone at their desk at home and nobody notices. There is no corrective.

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Germany Alcoholics Anonymous feel demand Corona crisis Bavaria


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